Pandora WoW 5.0.5 PvP

Rates: 15X - RATED BATTLEGROUND - Working Dungeon Finder - 5.0.5 FUN SERVER - Mists of Pandaria PRIVATE SERVER - Transmog - Mall[Limited] - NO LAGG - HIGH UPTIME - VOTE SHOP - FRIENDLY STAFF - We currently Looking for GM's

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---> <--- Immortal 4.3.4 WoW PvP Server If you search a good serverwithout lagg and bugs, then this is the best place for you! We Currently offer: Starter Place: Dalaran Login level : 85 Portals: ON Transmog Reforge VoidStorage Battlegrounds Dungeon Finder Raids 99% Working Spells Vendors : -Season 9 - Season 10 Elite -Tier 11 - Tier 12, -Weapons, Armors, Mounts, Gems, Enchants... -Items for Transmog vendor soon... Account Service: Character Service: -Unstuck(Free) -Revive(Free) -Name Change (for Donation) -Faction Change(for Donation) -Race Change(for Donation) -Character Costumize(for Donation) Vote to Immortal WoW and choose reward's from VoteShop. Donate the server and get EXCLUSIVE reward's from DonationShop. Connection Guide: Step 1. [Account] First you need registration. Step 2. [Download] You will need World of Warcraft 4.3.4 patched game. - If you dont have installed World of Warcraft then Click here to download: Change your ' ' and ' ' for the next: set realmlist Step 4. [Play] Just start the game and login to server with your registered account ! I hope you will enjoy ! :) Are you really want some from Donation shop but you dont have enough money? Don't worry friend! Lets check the new system, where you can change your Vote Points into Donation Point. Now every 40th Vote Point = 1 Donation Point.