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    Forsaken World Vega — Уникальный проект на обновленной версии Dissidia. 💎 Классическое развитие х1; 💎 Основная локация Вольная Гавань; 💎 8 классов персонажей; 💎 Максимальный уровень 80; 💎 Приятные улучшения для более комфортной игры; 💎 Сбалансированные игровые классы; 💎 Модные крылья и рюкзак Details
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    Dragon Heart is a [Play to Win] Homecoming Server (Now With Ranger Classes Added), with Donations Mainly for Cosmetic In-game items (Fashion, Pets, Mounts). As a Play to Win Server, players are encouraged to team up with others for PVP/Dungeons/Raids/World Bosses to Enhance their Characters. Details
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    Brand-new Forsaken World Blood Harvest classic-rate server is open with only a few quality of life changes to recreate an experience similar to the retail servers during their prime. Leafs for Voting/online. Stable LMS Gaming Community since 2008. Come join the fun! Details
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    Russian classic server FW Lyra (Homecoming) | Reapers and Demons | Max level 100 | Awakening and Relics | Constant rates for experience and faith x2 | Simplified leveling of professions, gods and faith | Simplified farming system | Referral system and bonuses for transferring guilds Details
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    Stable Forsaken World Homecoming server with x5 rates and updated skill balance! Release date is 10 Dec 2022 Details
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    High Rate PvP Server - 1000x Monster XP - 1000x Quest XP - Free Mount - Free Leaves - 100% Free Cash Shop! Details
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    Reapers and Tormentors! Extension of talent trees, new skills and talents! New Solo and Raid Instances. New, unexplored locations and adventures. Quick start and many bonuses! Fast leveling up to level 110, Lv. 85 equipment at the beginning! Unique and interesting farming system. Details
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    This game server is exactly as the original developers intended it to be. EXP: x1 Drop: x1 Money: x1 We care. And we still feel there is room for FW to flourish and grow! Details