Forsaken World top private servers list

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Forsaken World List

  • LMS Forsaken World - Blood Harvest Brand-new Forsaken World Blood Harvest classic-rate server is open with only a few quality of life changes to recreate an experience similar to the retail servers during their prime. Leafs for Voting/online. Stable LMS Gaming Community since 2008. Come join the fun!
    Votes 341
  • Forsaken World Dragon Heart Dragon Heart is a Play to Win Awakening Server, with Donations Mainly for Cosmetic In-game items (Fashion, Pets, Mounts). As a Play to Win Server players are encouraged to team up with others for PVP/Dungeons/Raids/World Bosses to Enhance their Characters.
    Votes 5
  • Forsaken World Private Server High Rate PvP Server - 1000x Monster XP - 1000x Quest XP - Free Mount - Free Leaves - 100% Free Cash Shop!
    Votes 0