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    Max 175/EXP High/Free SP/Drop High/Gold High/Cash NPC/Online Cash/Custom titles Seals/Events/AutoIgni-Pickup/Auto Skill/PVP Balance/Premium Char/Class Change NPC/Reborn NPC/Return Player Reward/Custom Message System/Warfare Battle/Mail System Details
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    MAX 220, Custom rates, Active staff, come join the fun! Details
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    Extended LastChaos - Full custom Episode 3 server - The New LC Saga - High EXP Rates, New style PVP, Fast SP, Fast Gold, Upgrades 90%, Custom stats and a very funny and active staff. New features, events & armors and very funny events every week! Ready to be a Legend? Start your story on Extended! Details
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    Level cap 185 - No Element System - DirectX 9 & OpenGL - New Ranking System - Strongest cheat protection - Auto Igni-Pickup - No Ex-Chars - New Skill - New interface - New Craft Panel - New Map - 1v1 pvp - more Details
  • 6
    All Rates Fixed - Max level - Event Shop and WebShop for Time Online - Vote for Cash - Loyalty System - RvR x85 mob and x170 char - Global Server - Updagre 100 ACTIVE COMMUNITY HELPFUL STAFF JOIN NOW Details
  • 7
    We offer you a brand new pve and pvp without forgetting the two characters: ex-rogue and archmage! A weekly pve system. A pvp that gives rewards with pvp raking! And especially pvp events! With more tens of euros won! We offer you a simple and very developed last chaos. Details
  • 8
    Best New Server- Free to Play- Private EP2 Last Chaos- Max Level 260-Exp 100- Upgrade Rate 80-Skill Cost 0 Sp- Custom Armor and Accessories-New PVP Dungeons-All New Custom Guild Hall Helpful and Friendly Staff NEW Event Juno Details
  • 9
    The new EP 4 server is a classic, we don’t have 100% rollback and cans per shop! Max LVL 95 XP x1 SP x20 Drop x1 Gold x1 Online tech support 24/7 Competitions and events are frequent Lottery of money and game currency! Tournament is approaching June 27, have time to pump and win $ 30 Details
  • 10
    RATES DO SERVIDOR Level Maximo 165 x8 EXP x200 EXP [500x aos finais de semana] x10 Gold x30 Drop x80 P1 Pet x3 P2 Pet Taxa de sucesso de Refinamento 50x Refinamento ate plus 18 24/7 Online Details
  • 11
    Level Cap: 145 - 70% Cooldown Reduction - Alber Faction System - Old Strayana Caves - Hell Akan Temple - Soul of Nightshadow - No Jewels - Weekly Royal Rumble - Client available in GER, ENG, FR, IT, ESP, BRZ Details
  • 12
    New server Friendly active staff Ep3 content with Ep2 feel No original affinities New affinities created Rates HIGH Real life prize give-aways Details
  • 13
    EXP x 90 - Custom Juno - Custom Start Level - SP Free - Funny PVP - 24/7 - ONLINE Time Cash Active Staff Join Now!!! Details
  • 14
    Level cap 200 -Custom Interface -Custom rates -Custom map -Custom systems: -Anti Hack -Craft Panel -Rank System -1vs1 battle -Statpoint -Upgrade System !!DIRECTX9!! Almighty-LC Details
  • 15
    New Hybrid Classes, Free Item Mall, Easy Cash, Free Buffs, Safe +15, Max +20, Start Lvl 90, Exp x100, Custom gold/sp/drop, New Skills, New Fashion, New Armor, Balanced PvP, New Titles, Daily Quests, World Boss quests, Revamped LCball/Moonstone, Revamped Pets Dont Wait, Join Us Today Details
  • 16
    LastChaos BR 2 Servidores em 1 Cliente 4fun e Classico Premios de Apron a cada 5 minutos com Otimos itens GM Online Eventos Diarios Details
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    with xp sp rate of 70, 999, or 70, drop 70, 100% upgrade Juno ep1, lvl cap 185 therefore BVery soon Details
  • 19
    exp x30 sp x100 gold x30 drop x20 affi x25 Details
  • 20
    Kinetic LastChaos - Full custom Episode 4 server - The New LC Saga - High EXP Rates, New style PVP, Fast SP, Fast Gold, Black Market, Upgrades 90% and a very funny and active staff. Are you ready to be a Legend? Start your story on Kinetic! Details
  • 21
    LastChaos, Last Chaos is a popular free to play PVP MMORPG online game with epic classes, thousands of Quests and the global community of millions players Details
  • 22
    Egeha castle siege, mastery level, play2win, balanced pvp, no affinity, no p2, no elements, no daily buffs, improved movements, animations lenght and other gameplay features, ep4 based Details
  • 23
    Cap 165/Expx20/Spx20/Goldx5/Affi Monsterx10/ Affi Itemx5/Buff Npc with Standardbuffs/Premium Character Ticket/ Auto Pick and Igni/ Vote for Cash/ and more Details
  • 24
    server is down Seraphim is a new ep4 server Rates x5 EXP x60 sp x5 gold x10 drop x2 affinity new systems fun server Details
  • 25
    EXP x15-30 SP x35 Drop x50 Gold x25 Affinity x10 Level Cap: 165 No Custom! Classic Server! Details