Lineage 2 private servers hosted in Ukraine

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L2 top servers list hosted in Ukraine

Explore the best Lineage 2 private servers hosted in Ukraine. The vast Lineage 2 list provides adventurers with new challenges, features, and quests.

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    Открытое бета-тестирование с рейтами х1200! Присоединяйтесь к нам для захватывающего игрового опыта. После ОБТ сервер перейдет на классические рейты х1. Будьте готовы к невероятным приключениям и PvP-сражениям в мире Lineage 2! Details
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    MAIN A more detailed description is available in the discord channel. The server is a normal version of the game with some modifications. There is a full buff and 28 slots for buffs, getting a class from NPC Ghost of Aden, a small GM-Shop with starter consumables. Details
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    Private PVP-PVE Server Lineage 2 x30 Essence Assassin! Grand Opening 14.07.2023! $3000 for get first 95 lvl on live server! Details