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L2 top servers list

  • 51 Basic l2 low rate server, without Gm shop and donate shop. You can find a ''vote Shop'', so all you have to do is vote!! Clan with 10 real player get clan level 5, 50kk adena, 30 vote coin. New players get level 52 with equip b-grade. Details
  • 52
    Legacy x1200 is a new, classic HighFive PVP server, with some minimal additions that can slightly diversify the game without affecting the game balance. The server will be opened on 17/02/2018 at 8:00 PM MSK . Follow our news and promotions. And also, pleasant games for you, dear friends! Details
  • 53
    L2Exord/High Five/Middle Rate/100x/100x/150x/TvT/CTF/LM/GK GLOBAL/GM SHOP/Safe+6/Max+16/Blessed 70%/Balanced System Details
  • 54
    Interlude 5000x | Set Dynasty | Weapons Icarus | Joia Boss | Mask +300 | Safe: 10 / Max: 25 | Blessed: 90% | +300 ON! Details
  • 55
    Farm System: Todas las zonas de caza del juego sólo van Adena, equipos y Ancient Adena, variando sólo en función de su nivel. Los otros drops, considerados desechables en un servidor PvP (materiales, recetas, partes, etc.) se retiraron por completo del juego. Details
  • 56
    l2 pvp server interlude mega pvp Details
  • 57
    XP: x5000, SP: x5000, Adena: x5000 Details
  • 58
    Want You Gameplay one Good Server? Offmod Classic C3 Rise of Darkness L2, x16 Rates, DUALBOX Ok! The All Skill, Quest, Raid, Castle and Fortress Siege Work Propperly, Clan War, SevenSigns, Catacombs, Off & Custom Events, Premium System, Class Changer Items & Buffer Details
  • 59
    Server Client: Prelude of War 3 Base with add-ons. Legal Hunting automation + bot helper in Telegram. Details
  • 60
    Classic low-rate Interlude server without donations or GM Shop Made by players for players Details
  • 61
    La2 Counter 500x NO CUSTOM INTERLUDE NO CUSTOM 500x Xp/SP Adena 500x | Safe +4 | Max +16 / + 12 | 4 Custom Raid | AIO Seller Craft | Custom Nobles | Open 20 / 12 Details
  • 62 it's a c6 client,but max lvl 78 all skills c4 and really good balance,nice pvp's active gm's making event's also there is zero c6 skills only just c4,cool community,pvps,raidings and oly. Am guarantee as players of server,atleast come and check it it's a pvp server and not that's har Details
  • 63
    Interlude MID x100 rates server. All other information @ website. Details
  • 64
    Server H5 PvP - Auto Balanced - All itens Farm Game Details
  • 65
    INTERLUDE WILL OPEN 08/03|CHAOTIC ZONE|NO CUSTOM|600+ PLAYERS Waiting|100X XP/SP Adena 500x|AIO SYSTEM 2hrs|Comands /buffshop OFFLINE Details
  • 66
    Lineage II SkyNest Present A new Kind Of Lineage Hi5 Cronicle VIP system, Aio System, Acces GMShop/Buffer/Teleporter/Info/Enchant/And Others From Anywhere. And We Have WebShop. Details
  • 67
    Interlude PVP x50 no-custom/GateKeep/GMshop/NPC Buff 2h/Siege/Areas Farm/Eventos. Details
  • 68
    Lineage II Secret of Empire FIRST Classic 2.9 MultiProff x10 Server Complex Lineage 2 Classic. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! - More than five years of the project - Professional Anti-DDoS Protection - Details
  • 69
    Lineage 2 Developer, Interlude Projects and Java codes Details
  • 70
    Welcome to server L2 Ramona Essence FEATURES - Friendly game concept for everybody - Solo players AND groups welcome! - Massive PvP and over 5000+ expected - Non P2W gameplay, truly Free-To-Play for everyone - Olympiad Changes - Fortress Changes Exp/Sp - x3 / Attribute - x3 / Adena -x2 Details
  • 71
    server Rates: Exp: x50 Sp: x50 Adena: x40 Items: x30 Spoil: x15 Quests: x10 Rate in some quests: x3-x8 ENCHANT Weapons / Armor / Jewelry: Safety +3 Max +16/+12/+12 On failure to discharge +3 if enchant with blessed scrolls Details
  • 72
    Some words about us: Our server will be perfect for you if you love both pve and pvp. Our features are pvp features, no class quests,noblesse quests,etc! You have to farm hard for your gear. Team up with your friends and make raids and pvp fights. More info on our website. Details
  • 73
    BOT is allowed Unique sharpening system Weight limit increased 5 times Buffer with profiles Buffs for 12 hours Life time of animals 12 hours The number of slots in the inventory - all 140, gnomes 160 The number of slots in the recipe book is 75/75 standard Unique events Details
  • 74
    Mixing features both low rate and mid rate servers. Unique experience you will feel. XP 20x | SP 10x | Adena 10x Enjoy us! - BETA 22.03.2014 Details
  • 75
    GENERAL INFORMATION CUSTOM SHOP CUSTOM GK CUSTOM BUFFER SERVER RATES Experience Points = 25x Skill Points = 25x Adena Drop = 15x Item Chance = 20x Item Amount = 3x Safe Enchant +7 Max Enchant +24 NORMAL SCROLL 66% BLESSED SCROLL 75% ANCIENT SCROLL 75% DIVINE SCROLL 100% Details
  • 76
    Grand Opening 6 December November x20 Lineage 2 Classic 2.9 Secret of Empire!!! Best gaming support International community 2000+ Stable Classic Gameplay!! EXP/SP x7 Adena x5 Drop x1 RaidBoss EXP x1 Spoil x2 Quest x3 Premium account: +50% EXP,SP. +50% Adena,Drop,Spoil Server Features: - Full S Gra Details
  • 77
    Servido Gracia Final 1000x Safe +3 Max +16 Armor Safe +3 Max +16 Weapon Details
  • 78
    Lineage 2 High Five with Additions x50 Opening 30th November 2019 Server Complex Lineage 2 High Five. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! - Online Support 24/7 - More than five years of the project - Professional Anti-DDoS Protection Details
  • 79
    Chronicle Interlude - classic Platform PTS Rate x1000 GM Shop Buffer with saving buff Automatic events - Castle capture every week Gludio PVP Town Auto learn skills Protection after teleportation Buff time 1 hour Main cities Giran and Goddard PVP locations Details
  • 80
    Rates: EXP/SP x15. Drop/Spoil/Adena x5. Quest EXP/SP Reward x1. Quest Drop/Adena/Item Reward x1. Raid Boss Drop x3. Epic Raid Boss Drop x3. Details
  • 81
    International PvP Epilogue x1500 Details
  • 82
    MAIN A more detailed description is available in the discord channel. The server is a normal version of the game with some modifications. There is a full buff and 28 slots for buffs, getting a class from NPC Ghost of Aden, a small GM-Shop with starter consumables. Details
  • 83
    Magyar Mid x45 - Server - Special Shop, NPC buffer, Custom system, Events, Offline Shop, GGK, Free to Play Details
  • 84
    Lineage 2 Interlude x10 Server. GM-shop, Buffer. New server complex, new community. Relax and chill. Details
  • 85
    Welcome to new Ertheia Mid Rate Lineage2 server! Details
  • 86
    Lineage II Interlude Server x50 Custom / Party x 3 / Sieges & Olys Every Week Unique DM Gameplay! Unique Gameplay in custom zones! Full Info: Started on 25/03/2016 Details
  • 87
    Open 23/08 - No Custom Server - No Itens Donate - Safe+3 Max Armor+8 Max Weapon+16 - Grand Boss Event - GO! Details
  • 88
    500x Drop Rate 1x Spoil Rate 2x Safe Enchant+3 Max Enchant=Infinito Scroll Normal 60% Blessed 65% Foundation Hero Mensal AIO buff Nobles Subs. Best Freya server. Details
  • 89
    Relax x100 its a server with items in GM SHOP by adena. Test server is already available! Details
  • 90
    Server Complex Lineage 2 Fafurion. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! - Online Support 24/7 - More than five years of the project - Professional Anti-DDoS Protection - Unique bot protection - Powerful Server and dedicated gigabit channel Details
  • 91
    ★ L2CREED.COM ★ - Interlude+ x50.000. Opening 2 october! 150$ FOR TOP 3 CLANS! | REAL ONLINE OVER 1000+ ! | Best DDoS, Anti-Bot Protection | WITHOUT WIPES! | Join NOW! Details
  • 92
    INTERLUDE Rates XP-SP x1000x1x2000 | Fresh Server | Anti Bot/Cheat | GM Shop | Buff Profiles | Retail Dance/Songs | PvP Rewards Details
  • 93
    L2Battleground is a brand new interlude pvp server. Few of our features are Team vs Team, Tournament, Boss Events, Party Farm, Auto Farm, Skins, Craftable Hero Weapon, Instances, Boss Zones entrance with HWID, NPC Buffer with scheme, Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop up to S Grade and more. Details
  • 94
    The best classical PVP C4 server without buffer. Just hardcore... Details
  • 95
  • 96
    High Five LOW, HIGH & PVP SERVER, FULL GEODATA for better gameplay! All Areas and RaidBosses ready! Global Gk, Tattos, Premium account with Buffer!! Dual Box, Community, Events, Donations, On HIGH rate: GM-SHOP, NPC Buffer, Long Bufftime, Join Now, we wait for YOU! Details
  • 97
    GRAND OPENING 27.1.2023 at 20:00 GMT+1 Details
  • 98
    L2Might interlude custom pvp 5000x!! 30/35 max. Details
  • 99
    Lineage ][ Grosnin Interlude No Custom PvP Server! Join us! Details
  • 100
    Classic interlude x1200 Dynasty armor and weapons, tattoo +15%, CP hats ! - We guarantee from 3 months of stable play without wipes. Details