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  • 201
    The server has a system of auto-selection of prey and auto-learning of skills, each player is assigned a noble skill. Details
  • 202
    Join to a New World of Lineage 2 Interlude with full PvP! Details
  • 203
    HOST USA. GMT-3. Lang:pt-BR en-US es ru el. Custom: Rebirth Sistem/36 New Classes/Reworked Buffs/Auto Farm/Area skills for Mass-PvE/Solo&Party Instances. Online since 17/01/2020. Details
  • 204
    Interlude PvP Server - Server Latino, 500x rates, Custom NPCs, Shops, Areas. Auto Events, Anti BOT, Unique systems! Que esperas unete. Details
  • 205
    Safe Enchant : +5 Max with Normal Scrolls : +12 [85%] Max with Blessed Scrolls : +12 [100%] Max with Crystals Scrolls : +16 [80%] Details
  • 206
    sub-acumulativa gmshop gkglobal npc buffer 2hs base+2 Details
  • 207
    Come play 04.03.2022 the best server Details
  • 208
    open final Features Exp & SP: amount x5 Adena: x5 Seal stones: x5 Adena, Seal stones: chance 100% Drop: x3 Spoil: x5 Quest items: x1 Epic drop: chance x1 Party max diff level: 20 Functions: Full Geodata Full Anti-Cheat Protection Ingame shop No items affecting authentic gameplay. Classica Details
  • 209
    Welcome visitor Are you tired of constantly changing servers, administration incompetence, dead game elements? Are you looking for a good L2 server or maybe just enjoyable place focused on fast game and pvp? This is the right place! About us: The development of the server is supervised by L2Live Details
  • 210
    L2 Draco Freya Mid PvP 1000x Entre ja Details
  • 211
    new lineage 2 Interlude server with unique rb,mobs,events,location, only medieval content, whistle to all !!! Details
  • 212
    Hello ... I will present you new private server Return of the queen ant ch2 at Balanced pvp system ---> 100% Server rates ---> 50x L2Style offer chance to all players to get TOP items from hunting Raid Bosses lvl 125 ! Details
  • 213
    L2 interlude custom pvp server. Custom weapons/armors/accessories/zones. Enchant 85%. Max +22 Grand opening 2017-02-04 18:00 GMT+2 Details
  • 214
    Welcome to L2Got Interlude PvP Server! Are you bored to farm for many hours and didnt gent the results you want to? So L2 Got is the solution for you! Here you can farm for a few minutes and being with max enchant cause our scroll rates are 100% on both scrolls. Did you want more? If yes download ou Details
  • 215
    Hello! We start on November 12 at 20.00 I invite you to participate in life new project Lineage 2 Chronicle Essence: Frost Lord x12 lov-rate! The best. Details
  • 216
    Lineage 2 Warrior Soldiers! Servidor de Lineage 2 High Five! Xp: 500x Sp: 500x Adena : 500x Servidor PvP Com Itens Custom! Details
  • 217
    Lineage 2 Hive Five Exp:25x Sp:25x Adena:25x Drop:15x Spoil:15x [Comunity GmShop up to S Grade] [Buffer 24+4/12] [Actioner up to 10 items] [Subclass change comunity] [Clan recruiting comunity] [Balance Donation Shop comunity ] [NO Custom items] [Npc databas Details
  • 218
    Rates: - EXP/SP x15. - Drop/Spoil/Adena x8. - Quest EXP/SP Reward x1, Quest Adena/Item Reward x1. - Raid Boss Drop x3, Epic Raid Boss Drop x3. Details
  • 219
    Freya PvP x1000 rates Max Enchant +25 Safe Enchant +16 Element lvl 7 PvP Zone Antharas No Custom Npc Scheme Buffer Olympiad each 2 weeks Siege and TW working TvT- TvT Round- Town War- CTF - DM - Monster Rush Details
  • 220
    Automatic registration in game. NProtect Server. Rate Xp = x150 Rate Sp = x150 Rate Adena = x50 RateDropItems = x4 RateDropSpoil = x2 RatePartyXp = x2 SubClass Max 3 NOT cumulative, no quest Details
  • 221
    Best International Interlude CUSTOM PvP Server x100000 | Big Online | Best Protection | Just TRY | Join NOW! Details
  • 222
    Server Rates Xp - 20x Sp - 20x Details
  • 223
    Classic x3 2.9.5 Secret of Empire Auto Hunt Details
  • 224
    Lineage II Interlude No custom items Free server Unique systems Automatic Events! Sistemas Unicos Eventos Automaticos x100exp x80sp x2.35 drop RB x200 drop adena JOIN! UNETE! Details
  • 225
    Interlude 5000x Opening 26 April Safe 6 Max Weap 25 Armor 20 Blessed 90 PvP All Time Custom Itens Areas Farm OLYM 15 Days Over 300 players Details
  • 226
    Lineage2 Paradise Custom PvP Interlude Server! Details
  • 227
    High-quality compilation Euro PTS, not Java! International project global scale! Server without donate, which affects to game balance! Only best server hardware! Truly classic, beloved by all! We present to You a gifts! Details
  • 228
    Unique Interlude light-PvP with new features and altered classes balance. Come and test, here you make your own balance! Details
  • 229
    Brand New Lineage 2 Server.Active Gms,Mass PvP,Great Community. Details
  • 230
    L2-Resolution Server Online Custom And Some Fanny PvP and All Player Go To Login !!!! Details
  • 231
    At start, the character receives a treasure chest with a newbie. It includes NO-grade Set, Weapon, Spirit / Soul Shot's + Rune EXP + 30% for 5 hours Details
  • 232
    L2OFF 25x Gracia Epilogue. No donations. Botting Allowed - Click Here to download free cracked L2Adrenaline. Visit website for more feature information. Details
  • 233
    1000+ ONLINE, High Five, 100x EXP, 300x Adena. All H5 features working, Custom Shops/Areas, Global Gatekeeper, Scheme Buffer, 6 Auto-Events, Anti-Bot system, Balanced Classes, No-Lag, International, Great Community, Professional Staff and much more! Join us today! Details
  • 234
    Interlude clean gameplay No custom No Custom farm area No PAY TO WINN Details
  • 235
    L2Dark Path Network sucessfully runing online on Beta Phase Mode Details
  • 236
    L2-Might ® Interlude c6 Server Features - Rates: XP 2000x/ SP 1000x/ Adena 1000x/ Spoil 1000x/ Manor 1000x/ Drops 1000x Details
  • 237
    Server Complex Lineage 2 Classic. Why our servers are the best: - 100% Implementation of the Chronicles. Everything Works for Us! - More than five years of the project - Professional Anti-DDoS Protection - Unique bot protection - Powerful Server and dedicated gigabit channel - Database backup system Details
  • 238
    GENERAL RATES EXP x100 SP x100 Adena x55 Drop chance x20 Spoil chance x20 RateRaidBoss x10 DropEpolets x10 Quests x10 Fame x2 Details
  • 239
    Servidor High Five Mid Argentino Details
  • 240
    Red vs. Blue Faction PvP Server :-:Main Events List:-: * Team vs. Team * Capture the Flag * King of The Hill * Castle Battles * Bomb Squad * Neutral CTF * Multi-Team TvT * Multi-Team CTF * Multi-Team KoTH * Battlefield :-:Mini Events:-: * Zombies * Elimination Details
  • 241
    We are pleased to present to your attention the concept of the new server of the game portal L2Fafurion. online Details
  • 242
    Join now to a Awesome World of Lineage 2 Interlude. We are the 1st Server with the best balance. Details
  • 243
    New Version of Legendary MMORPG L2 Essence WITH MAXIMUM REALIZATION, best for solo players, redesigned for a faster and self-sustained gameplay. Details
  • 244
    New Farm-PvP Server Rates: Xp/Sp/Adena 100x Custom Farm Zones PvP Zone Events: TvT/CTF/DW Safe+3 Max+16 GmShop NpcBuffer AioxBuffers Details
  • 245
    We are waiting you all to our Stacksub Interlude Server Details
  • 246
    NEW SERVER 15x like retail/no custom/sieges/heroes month/event auto/geodata 100% and much more, come enjoe us brind your friends Details
  • 247
    Lineage 2 Godess of Destruction Glory Days Retail server x10 Details
  • 248
    Interlude 500X Gracia Final 500x Freya 500x High Five 500X Evento TVT CTF Bless 100% PVP 24 Horas Servidor mais jogado do Brasil So Falta voce 600+ON Details
  • 249
    On the 30th of May, we will be re-launching our Lineage II server, Fog Of War x20, a server PvP-PvE oriented using Fandc Details
  • 250
    High-quality compilation Euro Server! International project global scale! Server without hard donate, which affects to game balance! Only best server hardware! Truly classic, beloved by all! We present to You a gifts! Details