MU Online Season 18 top Private Servers list

MU Online Season 18 Private Servers

  • 🔥 MUWAR 🔥 - S18 E1 Original [Unique] GRAND OPENING, FRESH SERVER 25.11, Black Friday Free VIP, Free Play. S18 E1 Original xp x500/mlxp x500/mastery x500, ruud farm and coin farm ingame, with many BOSS and Invasions that makes the game Play2Win, the maps are full of monster spots.All character classes are unlocked.
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  • KnightMu x1000 - Season 18 - 19 October KnightMu x1000, Season 18, New Agility-Type Character Illusion Knight, New Spells, New Mastery Weapons, New Mastery Set Items, New 3rd and 4th Wings, Come and Join Us With Your Friends
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