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    Create your Mayhem with 12 classes in a balanced mix of PvE and PvP Experience, with an endgame featuring R9R4 and R8RR. custom rates, Starter Gear, Battle Royal, Custom farm map, Free Mayhem PVP Gear, Challenging World Bosses, Craftable Packs, Blessing System and more... Details
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    Free International private server 155 [x2] - PVP/PVE elements - Max level 105 - 6 Races, 12 Classes - Endgame gear Rank 9 - The perfect server to chill with your friends - GRIND to WIN - 24/7 Support on Discord - NO pay to win - Combining the best of Perfect World prime with latest mechanics Details
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    Informacoes Basicas: Experiencia: 9999 Alma: 9999 Moeda: 9999 Cubi Gold: 9999 Armadura: Rank 9 Up3 PWI. Details
  • 4
    Versao 1.5.1 Exp: 12x, Sp:6x, Drop:3x, Moedas: 6x Low rate, Tws, dgs, eventos, ativos. Gold por hora, login premiado, gold diarios para cultivo God e Evil Details
  • 5
    Version 1.5.1, PVE + PVP, Vote for Gold, Two reawakenings, Celestial Demon/Sage at character creation, Mirage Sky X at character creation, 1.5.1 and Morai skills, Interesting farm Details
  • 6
    [NEW Race,Classes][NEW Maps,Skills] [FREE Packs,9th Culti,Blessings][Cross Server NationWar Sunset Valley with BIG ST Rewards][Nation King System][EXP:250x][SP/DROP:150x][Money:200x][Max LvL 105][Original Settings][Vote Rewards in Gold][Easy to get Gold in Game][Custom Fashions][INSTANT SUPPORT] Details
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    Novos BOSS, ARMADURAS,VOOS ,EXP Rate:2500,SP Rate:5000,Drop Rate:5000,Coins Rate:2000, staff ativa,eventos e muito mais Details
  • 8
    PW Pirata Rate Alta Inicia Level 105 Details
  • 9
    Where The Perfect World Begin Support Multi-Languages Client include English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Portuguese. Free2Play, 1.5.5, six races, 12 classes, new fashion, mouts, flys from 1.5.7 PWI Wonderland, PVP, PVE Details
  • 10
    Venha para o pw que mais cresce atualmente cheio de novidades. Details
  • 11
    Perfectworld Private Server Indonesia, Medium Rate, Max Level 120 2x Reinkarnasi, Custom User Panel, Game Gold form Item Mall, Free to play and Play to Win. Details
  • 12
    PWGame.Pro - this is the only classic PvE & PvP project Perfect World Details
  • 13
    RATES: 2500x EXP, 2000x Drop, 2400x Gold, No Lag, Login ON 24/7 Server, NEW ITEMS, NEW SWORDS, Whitout HAMACHI, START HORSE Details
  • 14
    w4sasdqwe sqweqweqrwqerwder wqertwexd wrfwetvv ewr Details
  • 15
    Exp: x300, Spirit: x300, Money: x2, Quest Exp: x50, Quest Spirit: x50, Quest money: x10 Celestial Sage and Celestial Demon on your choice. Custom daily quests. Working dungeons. Reduced Nation Wars map. Eastern Daylight Time. For more details on these, please check out website. Details
  • 16
    PW 1.3.6, Low Rate PvP / PvE. Free Starter items. Customized daily rewards. No donation needed, play to win environment. The most balanced and stable version is installed on the server. Good community, helpful GM's / Admin Details
  • 17
    German English 1000x Rates 1.3.6 Server Dual Fairy Full PVP with Safe-Mode Possible Insta and 5 APS Fully Customized items Cubi FREE server custom Events Genesis Custom Dungeons PvP/PvE Come join the fun! Details
  • 18
    There is only 3 races , No genie,No complicated features,Rates x10,Gear TT/R8,BM skill glitches,Possibility for instant cast Details
  • 19
    Vortex World is the best PW 1.5.1 server out there.Instant cast [-99CT] 5 Atk rate/ Custom gears /1000+ fashion items / Tons of mounts and Flights/Custom Battle Pets/Come join us and find more as you discover the world of Vortex!!! Details
  • 20
    [Media de 700 players on] [Servidor classico Versao 126] [Venha relembrar os momentos de ouro do pw de 2008] Details
  • 21
    Max level 89, x250 Quest exp, Wide range of items available in the marketplace, lost art skills available in the marketplace. Details
  • 22
    Chillax pw a place to come relax and play at your own pace and make new friends Details
  • 23
    The best private server game Swordsman! The latest updates and additions! Professional equipment! The best team! Rates the X15 all! The game has been waiting all! Details
  • 24
    Server FUL CAST / 1.5.0 Version / Balanced / Very Custom / LETS GO PEOPLES Details
  • 25
    Perfect World Old Days se encontra na versao 136 com armamento dusk vale da lua e r8 Junte se a nos Perfect World is Old Days in version 136 with dusk weaponry Moon Valley and r8 Join us Details
  • 26
    Chillax Revamped reborn again from the ashes Details
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    Facil de jogar Level Maximo 105 Sem Alteracao ou edicao jogos gratuitos costume quests diarias e mais conteudo personalizado 151 New Horizons PvE com conteudo personalizado Logado premiado e Gold Semanal. Details
  • 29
    Easy to play, Start lvl 100 with gears, max lvl 105, free sets, custom daily quests and more, 139 Classic PvP Server: max cast and aps without donations, No scripters/cheaters, custom content since 2008, Great community, free Cubi Details
  • 30
    PvP v151 New Horizons server - Instant max-105 - Easy gear up - Easy cultivation - Custom pets/fashion/weapon fashion We are a mirror like server, here to have fun and PK! New automatic PvP and Trivia events Free cubi just for staying online Come join us Even have mobile App for convenience Details