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  • 101
    #Anti Bot #Anti Overstat #Adelays Protection for speed hack #Fast Loading Server with 0.1% Downtime #99.99% Official kRO item #No Wipe #No Rich Kid Owning #Balance Environment Gaming #Active &Friendly Staffs #Automated Event #Weekly Quest #Deadbranch Room & many more to be added soon. Details
  • 102
    We are a mid-rate server bringing you the unique Ragnarok experience and more. With tons of things to do and exciting new features on the way, we'd love for you to take the journey with us. See you in the game! Rock on! Go to our website for more Server Informations & Features. Details
  • 103
    [Low-13.2] 8/8/2 - [Classic-9.0] 1/1/1 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - EU-Hosted - No Wipes - Kamishi-Colorpack - Custom Warp Quest - Vote for Points - Client/Server-Protection - DDos-Protection - Live Support - Automated Events - Real Custom Auras - Ingame Effect Overlay - Unique @commands Details
  • 104
    Server Features Episode 13.2 - Encounter With the Unknown Very Close to Official Server Rates 99/70 Base / Job Experience Rate: 4x Normal Equipment Drop Rate: 5x Usable / Misc. Drop Rate: 10x Normal Card Drop Rate: 5x MVP Equipment Drop Rate: 1x MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x Details
  • 105
    At www.Heroesragnarok.com so just visit us on our website Details
  • 106
    Fresh Server [99/70] [x100-x150] [0.5 Cards / 0.01 MVP] [BG eAmod] [Regular Events] [Achievements] [Guild Locations] [Kawaii Headgears] [Costumer] [Restock System] [Vending Area] [Freebies] Details
  • 107
    -NEW SERVER NOW OPEN 20/11/2015 -24/7 GM'S WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LETS TRY IT OUT GUYS! Call your Friends And Team up. COME & JOIN US! Feature 3rd job/skills Quests, Events, Vote/Cash Shop, PvP Room, Ranking, Etc Wings, Aura, Headgears, Armors, Coins, Etc. Mall, MvP Room, Gold Room -1 handed bow Details
  • 108
    Pre-Renewal | Rates 50x/50x/10x | Cartas 0.50% y MvP 0.05% | Un servidor a la antigua pero Actualizado | Max LVL 99/70 | PACK DE BIENVENIDA | GUILD PACK | GARANTIA ONLINE | NO 3er Jobs | 0 Corrupcion | Staff con experiencia | Old School ! Details
  • 109
    3x-3x-1x Classic Low Rate (Official Setup) This server follows episodic update classic gameplay of Ragnarok Online at its best way back 2002 designed for players who loves training and farming. Yes, it is definitely NOT for players who likes to rush things and get to the top. Details
  • 110
    Very cool server with the latest client, 1000/1000/modified rates. Max level is 255/150, balance pvp, woe, transcender woe/ Free Items/Cashpoints reward/No Overpowered Custom Items/Active and Friendly Staffs/ 24/6 server/ Daily and Hourly events/ Daily WOE join us now! Details
  • 111
    RO: GameFi 2x/2x/1x Episode 18.2 4th Class will be available on early December. We are the 1st server to have a full Tokenomics and Play to Earn mechanism(you may earn $300 per month). No Cash shop, No Pay to Win. Just like the days we have before. We will run this server together Details
  • 112
    Free to Play UBRO 255/120 196 Max Aspd Semi-Frost Hourly Reward Token Quest Break The Seal Quest Thanatos Quest Automated Events and Major Events from GM Active and Friendly GM Details
  • 113
    New 4th Job Sprite System / Unique Features Exp Base/Job/Drop: 10k/10k/Modified Normal Cards: 40% | Mini Boss: 15% MvP Cards: 10% | Rare Cards: 1-5% 255/120 - Pre Renewal Frozen/PK Server Max Stats: 255 / Max Sp: 5000 Transcendent Class with Extended Jobs ( New Job Sprite ) Details
  • 114
    Base Exp: 10000x Job Exp: 10000x Drop Rate: 40x Card Drop Rate: 500x MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x Max stat: 250 Max Base Level: 250 Max Job Level: 70 Max Job Level SuperNovice: 100 Max ASPD 193 No Cast Dex 150 3rd Job Change Details
  • 115
    New server opened on august 2014 the 18th We are an international old school server based on episode 10.4. Our goal is to be a game you haven't played for a long time. The rates are low 5,5,5. Experimented GM Team. Regulars events. Join us ! Details
  • 116
    100x 100x 25x. Ep Into the unknown 13.2.99/70 Pre-Renewal.Trancended Jobs.Job Quest.No 3rd Job.No dual Log.Balance Items.Friendly Community.PVP Ranking System.Mini Games and GM Daily GM Events.Active and Friendly Admin/GM Staff.and more Details
  • 117
    ℹ️ SERVER INFORMATIONℹ️ RATES ‣ EXP Rates: 10,000x/10,000x ‣ Drop Rates: 1,000x ‣ Card Drop: 8% Normal | 8% Mini/8% MvP | .50% Modified Rare BASIC INFORMATION ‣ Max Level: 255/120 ‣ Max ASPD: 196 ‣ 2-2 Transcended Classes ‣ Unfrozen Server ‣ Modified PK Server ‣ Modified Server Details
  • 118
    10000x Base Experience 10000x Job Experience 10000x Drop Rates 10000x Normal Card 10% MVP/Boss Card 1% Thanatos Card Max Levels: 255 Base and 255 Job Max Stats: 300 Max Aspd: 195 Instant Cast: 150 Dex Details
  • 119
  • 120
    Base/Job 30x - Drops All 20x - Normal card 0.5% and MVP Card 0.1% - Max Level 99/70 Trans - Max Stats 99 Max Aspd 190 - Instant Cast 150 Dex - PK MODE OFF -Party Share Level 20 level Additional 10% exp per member of the party - Costume System - Anti Cheats Gepard Shield Dual Client Yes Details
  • 121
    Hello Lads, we proudly present to you our private server Witcher World Ragnarok with many feature and highlights for player, friendly and active gm to provide a great service, come and join us for more fun and great experience, for you only Details
  • 122
    JOIN TO THE LOWEST PING IN ASIA SERVER ALL PLAYERS IN ASIA SPAM SIT Asia Based Host rAthena Emulator Pre - Renewal High-Rate Unfrozen Armor 255/100 196 Aspd Instant Cast : 150 DEX Instant Job Changer Details
  • 123
    Rates Base Lvl: 15x / Job Lvl: 15x / Drop's: 10x / Normal Card's: 5% / MVP & Mini Boss Card's: 1% Game Mechanic's: Pre-Renewal Hourly Cash Point Reward, Daily Log-in Cash point reward, Weekly Cash Point reward. All item's Can get Through Quest and Cash points. A lot's of quest to choose from. Details
  • 124
    Sky Raganrok online All com join us good server to play and enjoy you game com join us now Details
  • 125
    - Full PvP - Instant 99/70 - Full Items Black Market - Battle Coins from PvP kill - MvP Coins summoned in PvP Arena - Custom Items by coins droppeds - MvP and Mini Boss Cards from coins droppeds Details
  • 126
    : Server SHR Ragnarok Online : 999/150 : GM Online all time : Serious staff : 24/7 : chilean server : Balance custom item : Details
  • 127
    Demi Ragnarok Online Demi Ragnarok Online Demi Ragnarok Online Demi Ragnarok Online Details
  • 128
    A Ragnarok Online Private server based in International. Uprising Valkyie is designed to provide an enhanced and quality gameplay. If you're looking for a Intensed PvP and WPE look no further. With top notch servers and administration, enjoy a lag-free, exciting and fun-filled time in-game! Details
  • 129
  • 130
    Launch May 06, 2021 - 10k/10k/1k - Max 255/120 Pre-Renewal - Freebies - Automated Events - Custom Systems - New Features - RMT Allowed - Fast Paced Details
  • 131
    If you are looking for a stable server that will not close in a few months, has constant updates and new content, has active staff and administration, an active community and promotes fair game play, then MushiRO is High Rate Server with balanced drop rate for MVP. Based on Malaysia Server. Details
  • 132
    Pre renewal 99/70 Instant max lv Mvp card disabled Normal card 10% Battleground item disabled Fishing npc , farm item npc , etc Details
  • 133
    Renewal Server - Over 100 Customs - Level/Job: 160/70 - EXP Rate: 3000x - Custom Drop Rate - FvF System - Chip War - Archon/Race Leader System - Mining System - MvP Graveyard - Free Custom Mounts - Freebies for Newbies Details
  • 134
    rate 800X 800x,Support JOB 3rd Fix,LV 150,Max All Stats 100,Anti DDOS System,Balance Damage Details
  • 135
    Ahura Ragnarok Online is private server that caters to the needs of social and thrill seeking game players alike. With exciting game and fun stuffs, We will make sure to fullfill your desires to develop a unique features that we are sure you'll love. Details
  • 136
    Clean-RO Nueva Web: http://www.cleanro.ragnarokweb.net/ Max LvL 255/120 || Max Stat 250 - Baby 200 || Slot Normales || Rates 20k x 20k || Drop Card 15% || Drop Card MvP 2% || Drop Items 50% || Drop Items MvP 30% || Items Custom || Sistema de Cheque || Details
  • 137
    Please come up with a unique description. Details
  • 138
    Rates:100x100x150x,Transfer de guild, Pack de Bienvenida individual,* NO 3er JOBS,*Max lvl 99/70,*Cards 0.50% MVP 0.05%,*PRE-RENEWAL,*CUSTOM Item que no desbalancean,*Antibot,*Servidor 100% dedicado,*Staff Activo,* Exiliados no duden en entrar al Server. Details
  • 139
    Episode 11.3 Nameless Island & MoscoviaServer Rates : Base : 10x | Job : 10xNormal Drop Rates : 3xMVP/Mini-Boss Drop Rates : 1x100% Uptime ServerActive and Friendly GMsClassic Pure Pre-Renewal System99/70 Transcendent Jobs Only! Details
  • 140
    20k20k50k I 0 lag I Dedicado 7 y 24 I Class Rebellion y Oboro Kaguerou I Base 999 y Job 150 I High Drops de Card,Amor,Usable I Max Stats 500 I Monturas para todos los jobs I Slot de Armor 4 y Shield 2 I Transfers Pjs y Guild I GvG+Woes I System PvP I Pote Points I Pack de Bienvenida I Soccer Poring Details
  • 141
    Renewal, kRO, Rates:30x30x30x MvP card 0.10% Happy Hour: 35x Base/Job exp for 1 hour, 3 times a day. 3rd Classes, Kagerou, SNEX, Rebellion. SNEX upgraded, more than 60 skills now. Taekwon classes max lv175. Details
  • 142
    Force Server Rates: 10,000x / 10,000x / 8,000x - MaxLevel: 255 120 - Stable Balanced - Unfrozen - Farming & Quest Economy Based On Server - No Wipes - Friendly GMs - Transcendent Job Class And Expanded Job Class - Pvp WoE GOTM POTM - Daily Quests - Custom Class Padawan Jedi Sith Details
  • 143
    High Rate | 255 / 100 | Friendly Community | International Based | Hunting Server Details
  • 144
    I miss RO 2002 | Old School 99/50 | 5x EXP | 5x DROPS | 3x CARDS | 1x MvP | Gepard 2.0 Protected | Dedicated Server | Full Official Setup Details
  • 145
    NEW! 21.12.2013 Server HyperRO officially started! 255/120 Mvp cards - 10% / Normal - 20%. 120+ Custom Items. All players can get DONATION ITEMS. Many Custom NPC/EVENTS. And more FUN! JOIN NOW! Details
  • 146
    Servidor High Rates 255100 5K5K800x Custom Items Gold Room Bio 3 Card Customized Costume NPC Sistema Cash Points Cash Mall Mercado Valkyrie Set por Quest Eventos automaticos Details
  • 147
    Pre-Renewal 2-2 Class Frost Server High Rate Rates : 10k / 10k / Modify Max Base/Job Level : 255/120 Max Stats : 255 Max Attackspeed : 196 Agi/Kiel Based Spam Delay Balance Spam Delay Skills Details
  • 148
    Balanced 3rd job renewal - blv 255 & jlv 120, 200x b.exp - 150x j.exp - 1x d.rate +50exp floating rates Every Weekends | --.NEW 3rd Job Skills, Quest System, Card System. Cash Shop System, KvM & Battleground, V.I.P System, Automated Events, PvP Ranking, Guild ranking AND MORE! Join NOW! Details
  • 149
    Servidor Rate Alta pre-renewal, alguns comandos liberados, anti hack, semi-full pvp e muito mais, venha e traga seus amigo para uma nova aventura Details
  • 150
    Opening 07/03 - Server Most Anticipated Moment - Systems Innovative -Several guilds Reputable - HOST OVH - anti-DDOS Protection - Rebate System GROUP - completely different server from everything you've seen in! Details