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Explore the best Ragnarok Online Episode 18.2 private servers. The vast Ragnarok Online Episode 18.2 list provides adventurers with new challenges, features, and quests.

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    Открытие 01.05.2024 [Эпизод: 18 - Направление молитвы] [Рейты: 7x/7x/5x] [4 профессии] [Макс. Уровень 260/55] [Gepard 3.0][В процессе перевода] [Большие планы на будущие обновления] *Попробуйте уже сейчас!!* Details
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    RO: GameFi 2x/2x/1x Episode 18.2 4th Class will be available on early December. We are the 1st server to have a full Tokenomics and Play to Earn mechanism(you may earn $300 per month). No Cash shop, No Pay to Win. Just like the days we have before. We will run this server together Details
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    Welcome to OdinRO, your Ragnarok community for people who are looking for the original and challenging feeling, little frills and with the reward of their own success. Rate: 2x2x1x Server: europe episode: 18 Classes: 3 -/ Transcendent Events Details