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Listing the best Shaiya private servers ranked by votes, version, type and country. Finding the perfect Shaiya private server has never been easier, whether you're seeking a nostalgic return to the early days or craving innovative custom content, this list has something for every player. Find the perfect server and embark on an epic new adventure today!

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    Servidor de alta qualidade[sem Lag]. Totalmente dedicado ao pvp 1~15. Dois administradores experientes. Mapas, Monstros, Bosses e Items adaptados. 98% dos Items podem ser comprados com Ouro. Zona de drop amigavel. Vendedores customizados. Eventos diarios Details
  • 2
    server shaiya ep 6 pvp drop join today level cap 90 Details
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    Shaiya Private server EP 4 Server ITA-EN kill rated x1 no exp no drop, active pvp Details
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  • 5
    !! FREE PvP Server !! Episode 5.4 x30 Kills 1 Million Max Kills / FREE GM ROLLS / NEW SKILLS / CUSTOM EVERYTHING / NEW WINGS / Donation Points Drop In Game / NEW BOSS / NEW DROPS / BLACKSMITH 100% Details
  • 6
    Everyone is Welcome, real-money-transactions, instalevel, prize tournaments, new skills, new mecanics, come join!!! Discord: Details
  • 7
    Serveur Fun Francais, Ep 6.2 , nouvel armes Aion , nouveau donjon Interface personnaliser, Son Personnaliser , Staff Amical Rejoignez-Nous ! Details
  • 8
    We Are A Ep6 PvP Server With: - x50 Kill Rate - Custom Auction House - PvP Server - Costumes - Custom Pets - Custom Lapis - Automatic Donation System - HP/MP/SP Bug Fixed - Item Mall Design From OS - Gear/Weapon/Costume Preview In Item Mall - Drops Are Easy To Find Hope You Enjoy Our Server! Details
  • 9
    EP5 with EP6 components, PVP server with little farming. FREE! Details
  • 10
    - Episode 5 - 50 Percent Exp Rate - 50 Percent Drop Rate - Cross Faction Systems - Dota 2 Weapons - WoW Weapons - Aion Weapons - Plus Way More - Details
  • 11
    Episode 6.5, x30 EXP, x1 KILL, DDoS Protected, Demonic Online is a Shaiya Private Server for Episode 6.5 Enthusiast Experience the Grind, Boss Hunts and Massive PvP once again THIS IS THE BEST Demonic Online Details
  • 12
    Sevidor Modo PvE | PvP KILL Rate: X1 EXP Rate: Normal Max Lapis Lv7 Game Ep:5.4 Free Runa De 30 Dias Modo Extremo Liberado Servidor PvE | PVP | BOSS Servidor Raiz do Ep5.4 Original Drops Lista. Details
  • 13
    Shaiya Rebuild Episode 8 ...The first episode 8 server with a PVP vocation. Nevertheless, there is a lot of content, which allows you to spend your time when you do not want pvp. The stuff for pvp is easily accessible. Xp lvl 1 to lvl 80 will provide you with gold and access to the basic 80 stuff. Details
  • 14
    Shaiya golden Era, es solo para aquellos que son fanaticos del Episodio 4.5 en el cual se encontraba el servidor Latino hasta que fue actualizado a su version 5, este episodio se mantendra siempre en la version 4.5 con su dificultad original Details
  • 15
    Wir sind ein Deutscher Shaiya Privat Server im Neuaufbau mit der 45 Episode Unser End Level ist 126Mit Endlapis stufe 9 und Premiumlapis Details
  • 16
    Description: 99 Free CUSTOM Items and New Gears EP6 Server Making Level is easy / Relog and Get UM / Ultimate Staff List and Donate is available/ Making Donate helps Staff to making more updates Making Dupe is Fixed Everyone Welcome and Have Fun Details
  • 17
    - Episode 5.3 PvP - Rate of kills X25 - Maximum weapon level 70 - Maximum item level 65+ - Rewards for PvP ranks Details
  • 18
    Episode 4.5, x5 EXP, x1 KILL, . SHAIYA NEXIA is a Shaiya Private Server for Episode 4 Enthusiast. Experience the Grind, Boss Hunts and Massive PvP once again. THIS IS THE BEST SHAIYA EP4 EVER! Details
  • 19
    Shaiya Private server EP 4 server ITA-EN kill rated x1 no exp no drop, active pvp Details
  • 20
    Classic Episode 4.5! EXP Rate x30, KILL Rate x1! Old Style Shaiya Grinding, Questing, Boss Hunts and PvP! No Custom Items! No Debuff Lapis! No knockout Nostrum! Check us! Details
  • 21
    Shaiya Asterios 7 ep PvP/Farm New PvP modes - FFA, Naked, Party VS All, DeathArena PvP auto balance system In-game craft PvP rank reward Painting equipment Details
  • 22
    Check the news on our webpage! Details
  • 23
    Shaiya Conflito Ep 45 level Instantaneo Level 60 Max KILL Rate x5 APS por Minutos APS por Kill Max Lapis Lv5 6 PvP Recompensas Servidor PVP BOSS Servidor protegido DDoS Details
  • 24
    Servidor Episodio 4.5 Full Costum dedicado al PvP, Nivel Instantneo Lv60, Lapis mximo Lv6, 95 % Farmeable, Oro y IMPs [AP] Farmeables Valorizados, Set Pre Armado al iniciar, Razas balanceadas, Eventos Especiales, Staff activo y al servicio de la comunidad, Alta Estabilidad y Seguridad. UNETE! Details
  • 25
    Absolute Shaiya has been remade and this are our server info , EP5 with EP7 content , kill cap 90 with x2000 exp rate , kill boost x100 with 20 mil kill cap and vet manager working , easy farm DP drop in gameJoin US Details
  • 26
    Shaiya Titanium est un serveur francais qui vient douvrir ses portes en OPEN BETALes caracteristiques- Exp comme le vrai Shaiya- Episode 54- Serveur base PvE et PvP- Enchantements possibles jusquau niveau 20- Level maximum 70, Nous pouvons modifier selon les demandes Et plus Details
  • 27
    AlphaShaiya private server EP 54, Exp rate x20, Max level 70, EP 5 Skills +9, 31 Icons pvp Blue and Yellows New PVP system, New Maps, New Boss, New Items join and discover by yourself Details
  • 28
    Episode : 5.4 ❗️ Exp Rate : x750 ❗️ Kill Rate : x1 ❗️ Max Level : 70 ❗️ Max Lapis : Lv 7 ❗️ Type : PVP/PVE ❗️ NO DEBUFF LAPIS ❗️ NO CRIT NOSS ❗️ HIGH RATE SERVER ❗️ 150 SLOT RAID ❗️ 24/7 ACTIVE STAFFS ❗️ DONOR VS NON-DONOR 100% POSSIBLE ❗️ SAFE AND SECURED SERVER Details
  • 29
    Shaiya Future Battle is back up, With one of the best DDOS protected dedicated servers, One of the best secured servers out there Most custom sets youll ever see on any server, instant levels, PvP, Amazing site custom made We are a fully fixed ep 54 server Come check us out today Details
  • 30
    Desbrave o Shaiya PvP Lv15 com armaduras gratuitas, desafie bosses épicos e aproveite um servidor 95% gratuito. Envolva-se na batalha, conquiste o link e alcance a glória! Details
  • 31
    Episode 4.5, x30 EXP, x1 KILL, DDoS Protected. SHAIYA 4EVER is a Shaiya Private Server for Episode 4 Enthusiast. Experience the Grind, Boss Hunts and Massive PvP once again. THIS IS THE BEST SHAIYA EP4 EVER! Details
  • 32
    New Shaiya Thunder: Episode 5 Relic Of Mystra 3PvP Areas: 15-30-70 GRB Schedule: Every Saturday, 9PM EXP Rate: x100 KILL Rate: x1 Max Lapis Lv7 Details
  • 33
    shaiya black zone ep 4.5 pt-br. servidor pvp pve level 60 maximo lapis lv 6 -7 debuff lv 6 -7. shaiya ep 4.5 pt br Details
  • 34
    Shaiya Revival Episode 5 GRB Schedule Every Saturday 2100 PM Kill Rate x1 Autimatic PvP Rewards Without Custom Items Free Revival Points by Farming Vote Free 30Ds Consumables CRR, PID EE DDoS Protected Server Details
  • 35
    Shaiya Warfighter is a EP 6 Server, 100% Free and full PVP Server. Kills x20 by events higher. No Donation, the Donate Gear is for free in the Item Mall !. Active Staff and Massive PVP and MM Events. Join us Today! Details
  • 36
    Shaiya Ep4.5 BR Kill x1 Level 60 PvP PvE Set Gratis Lapis Lv6. Details