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  • UO Excelsior Shard Friendly and active community, tons of custom content, on a very stable server. Balanced game play, frequent staff and player ran events, browser interface for chatting and other things you won't see anywhere else. Since 2006!
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  • Ultima Online The Return Of Mondain Welcome to the continuation of the new era of Ultima Online, in a world where the legendary Mondain has returned.  With enhanced client support and player-staff interaction to enhance the gameplay experience.  With all original maps you have come to love, we welcome you to Ultima Online Mondains Ret
    Votes 100
  • Mystical Unicorn 500 stat cap with unlimited skill gain. Custom drop system for armor & weapons custom dungeons custom armor sets real players NO BOTS! no pay to play NON PVP!! new dungeon released 2/14/20.. come check us out
    Votes 58
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  • Dooms Day UO Achievements, Level Systems, Town Houses, Mercenaries, Evos, Custom Mobs & Drops, Custom Resources, Custom Pets, Animal Breeding, Custom Quests, And More!! No skills cap, 150 Power Scrolls, 900 Stats cap, Skills And Stats Gain Quick.
    Votes 27
  • Ultima Online Freeshard Millenia Millenia ist ein einsteigerfreundlicher deutscher Rollenspiel-Freeshard. Wir haben das Spiel komplett umgebaut: Eigene Geschichte, Weltkarte, Spielklassen, Systeme, Grafiken und sogar eigens komponierte Musik. Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch!
    Votes 8
  • NoTramAos: A No Trammel Age of Shadows PVP Server No Trammel || Open PvP || Crafted from Defiance [DFI] and AoS Longevity original code || Daily CTF + Pentagram. Dedicated Dual XENON server || Hunter BODs || Hidden Bitcoin and cryptocurrency || No Trammel || 720 Skill Cap || Fast Start || No pay to win shop || Chicago, USA.
    Votes 6
  • Pandora Ultima Online [Online over 10 years] Expansions: [AOS/ML/SE/SA/HS/TOL] Online Over 10 Years! All Expansions using the latest Client. A community size that feels just right & not overwhelming. No Skill Cap / Easy Skill Gains / Start with house, mounts & more! From Gardeners to Serial Killers. Who will you be? Welcome to Glory.
    Votes 5
  • Legends of Sosaria New players start with a codex to set 5 skills to 100, as well as a new player champ & quests. Power hour cloak available to players under 30 days account age! No Skill Cap, 300 Starting Stat Cap. LOTS of Custom Content!
    Votes 1
  • UO Forum New Russian Ultima Online forum.
    Votes 1
  • 10
    DestinyUO UO:R based shard. Real Powerscrolls Dungeon Doom Ongoing story arc and events Super Sunday CTF Free Duel areas Custom BOD system Plus much more....
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  • 11
    UOQuartz - Oldstyle Sphereserver Shard Running on Sphere, UOQuartz brings you PvP, PvM, Automated Events, all stats 150 at start, an old style combat style, old style spell timers, lots of craftables and customs. NPC AI fighting. Most skills rescripted. Tons of fun! Free account, join in! Discord channel available.
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  • 12
    Lands Of Time Lands of Time Custom Client, 6800.0 Skill cap Stat Cap 350, Custom Maps, Custom Mobs and Items. LOT Strives to make UO a home for any style of play. Active Development and staff. Shard currently in open alpha mode looking for active players and also accepting staff applications. Come Make LandsOfTim
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  • 13
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  • 14
    Ultima Online Eternal Vengence Patch to and have fun! A PvP shard! Too much to list! Read more about us @ our info site: http://uoevhome.webs.com/info-center
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  • 15
    UO DraconianRun ML/SE/SA/HS USA shard 700/225 skill/Stat Cap Items can take caps well beyond All Facets fully spawned with OSI & custom content
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  • 16
    Dragons of Time - Athlore Darklands Est. in 2000 UOCG is the greatest sphere servers ever created! Originally modeled after Athlore Darklands, 77 and Valcor have recently joined forces to bring back all those old school childhood memories! Super Fast Gains! theres no need to macro! Relive the memories! 20 YEARS ONLINE!
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  • 17
    UO Millennium UO Millennium Is a very friendly shard, No Skills-cap, Statcap 350,Custom Quests, some custom events, High Seas map using all facets, Custom Bosses, New Boats & Galleons, Crafting, Come join us and and start a new adventure.
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  • 18
    UO Evolution [ML/SE/SA/UW] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 4 years! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, NewChamps, Hundreds of custom monsters, Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature/Experienced Staff, Friendly Community
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  • 19
    The Obsidian Tales [PvM UO Server] - [Unlimited Skillcap/450 Statcap] - [Pet Leveling, Pet Breeding, EVO Pets, EVO Weapons, EVO Armors] - [New Resources, New Quests, Original Deco, Hue Room] - [Easy start with a free Mercenary]
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  • 20
    Uberon PvP shard | Client 6+ | High stat/skill cap | Craftables | Level System | Tons of Custom Features | Nothing like OSI | Inspired by APK
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  • 21
    UO Santiago Ultima Online Sphere Server 56C - 300Statcap - 2100 Skillcap - Server Location Europe - Old Santiago Style - News Developers and Systems
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  • 22
    UO Blood Oath A premium AOS shard that feels like the old days. Felucca Only - Dynamic Town Guards System - Militias - Dungeon Bosses - 7x Skill Cap - No Insurance - No Pet Bonding - Millions of Artifacts - MUCH more!
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  • 23
    ShadowRealm Chat system PVP/NONE_PVP System New Player Dungeon Teleporters Resurrection stones Rare Hard To Find Uniques Custom build house's design your own Neutral Zone AFK System PvP Stone Loot/NoLoot Shopping Mall for Vendors Useful Stones Colored Armor's Spawned World
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  • 24
    OLD PARADISE: REBORN / START 1 AUGUST Unique vision of Ultima Online, Amazing world of Old Paradise, Exclusive new features and unrivaled game design, UO like youve never seen before, Legendary PVP/PVE server, Premium quality, Since 2004 year.
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  • 25
    Ultima Online Redemption A new free server for the best MMORPG ever created with the objective of providing players with the best possible gaming experience. Free of bugs, corruption, and other problems that plague most servers, UO Redemption is based on the Renaissance era with tons of enhancements and custom content.
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  • 26
    UO : Zenvera Zenvera was created by veteran Ultima Online players and developers looking to build a strong, involved community. Zenveras baseline ruleset is loosely UOR-style and incorporates features from many eras of Ultima Online. We value the opinions of our players above all!
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  • 27
    U.O. The world beyond the stars The shard is based on a custom map and an original setting. Scripts have been deeply rewritten to improve the interactivity and realism. The web site is currently in Italian however the game is mostly in English and players from all the world are welcome.
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  • 28
    Eternium Ultima Online Ultima Online Server RPG Diablo WOW style 40 level, 1000 quest!
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  • 29
    Best UO World - Launch 6 2018 Open Now Fel only, Ren Era, Progressive skill gain, Regless casting!
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  • 30
    Felucca Forever Felucca Forever is an uncompromising throwback to the classic, adrenaline filled first days of our beloved Ultima Online! Original combat, housing, crafting and more!
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  • 31
    Lands of Time Lands of Time Custom Client, 6800.0 Skill cap Stat Cap 250, Custom Maps, Custom Mobs and Items. LOT Strives to make uo a home for any style of play. Active Development and staff. Shard currently in open alpha mode looking for active players and also accepting staff applications.
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  • 32
    Karma UO Welcome to highly customized server with all skill achievement system, pet breeding, herbal-ism, in-game auction system, and tons of collectables including world stealables, Lunar Dye collection. Custom world bosses and dungeon bosses. New content constantly added. Achieve greatness here.
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  • 33
    Royal Blackwell Guard We roleplay guardsmen in Ultima Online on a free roleplay shard (The Midnight Watch). We are a loyalist contingent deployed to the territories of Altmere known as The Royal Blackwell Guard. Our objective is to further restore order and peace to the people of Blackwell.
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  • 34
    UOSunrise - Custom UO Shard New graphics, maps, hundreds of new custom mobiles and items. 40 new houses. Designed to be fun for single and multiplayer. Uniquely different from any other shard. Period.
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  • 35
    SanctumUO Rebuilding from the ground up. WE are looking for staffers and players currently. New listing to reflect correct server uptime. Town Houses, Ample Resources to start, Guild Castles, Training Area, 450 stat cap, you can train all skills to 120, fast gains, No Uber items, Custom Quests, Items and Mobi
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  • 36
    Crafters Paradise Crafters Paradise was created to be played casually, do a lot of crafting and decorating, ect. It's a fairy tale land where resources are plentiful and gold is earned through work not killing. Young and casual player friendly. Visit the website for the rules and a list of server features. iceyou
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  • 37
    Zomworld: 1802 Client, Zombie Invasion,Bandit & Hero Towns, Tents & Houses, Heavy PVP, No Regs, Killable Guards, No Skill Cap, 305 Stat Cap, Hunger & Thirst, Loads of Quests and Events, Was open a few years back under the name Zombieland, Hoping to see old faces...
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  • 38
    Darkshire Custom PvP Faction Wars - Unique Race System - Awesome Level System - Interesting Rares - Strange New Monsters - Recreated Textures and Graphics - Nothing Else Like Darkshire!
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  • 39
    UO Madness UO Madness is a brand-new server that started on 4/20/2020! We have an unlimited skill cap, 300 stat cap, and tons of custom content including monsters, pets, and champion spawns. Our dedicated team works hard to add more content to keep the game fresh and exciting!
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  • 40
    Marchadium Marchadium is a free to play UO:ML server that includes a custom crafting system, rare reagents, trinkets, balanced combat, virtues, fully spawned Felucca, Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas and Tokuno Islands. Come join us today!
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