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    WOTLK - Instant 80/255 - ALL talents - PvP Class Balance - 1v1 Arena - Fast Progression - Epic Tmogs - Speedruns - Competitive Content - Solo and Group Dungeons and Raids - World Bosses - World PvP Encounters Details
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    Welcome adventurers and join us on Unleash-WoW 3.3.5 ! One of the few Fun servers where YOU HAVE THE CHOICE! to whether or not start and a PvEboy.. OR A PVPGIGACHAD ! We've made a new system of role specialisation with new CUSTOM SPELLS! Details
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    -FunRealm- -Blizzlike- Our FunRealm is max level 255 -World Chat- -World Teleporter- -Vote & Donator Shop- -Uniqe Start Location -Transmogification- -And Alot More- Details
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    Bienvenido a strong wow blizzlike 3.3.5a rates x10, contenido woltk completo al 12/12 battleground , Raids y Maz funcionando al 100%, BG MIXTAS, Eventos semanales, GM Atentos, Promocion Activa 2 meses.. Que esperas te estamos esperando Details
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    French-English Instantlevel and blizzlike NPCBots HV-Bots Solocraft PVE/PVP/RP Transmog New stuff DoubleXP Weekend New Items Scripted Instances Custom Quests WorkingBG and Arena Teleport your avatar from the website Clt 3.3.5/4.3.4/5.4.8/7.3.5/8.2.0 Details
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    WoW Cataclysm 434 Blizzlike WoW Private Server - Striving for Quality, Retail Experience and Proper Scripted Content - Motivated Developers - Scripted Zones - Vashjir Unlocked at Launch - No Pay to Win - Releasing 15th September Details
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    [New Server][3.3.5a][High Rates--EXP: 15x, Money 7x][High Uptime][No Custom Items][No Donation Shop][ICC fully scripted] Come experience the good old days of World of Warcraft! Details
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    Herzlich Wilkommen bei Capsule - Corp Du bist auf der suche nach was neuem ? Du hast nicht die gleichen online Zeiten wie deine Freunde und Kollegen . Hast daher wenig Gear ? Hier findest du dann genau das richtige . Auf Capsule-Corp kannst du alleine in Dungeons und Inis , kannst auch allei Details
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    Professionally developed and maintained. We bring you Legion, BFA and SL content to patch 3.3.5a. Our custom content is nowhere else to be found. We're delivering you the best experience by approaching new ideas, which cannot be found anywhere else. Details
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    Bem vindo ao Crusader-wow tenha otimas experiencias e se divirta conosco, server focado principalmente em pvp venha mostrar quem é o rei do pvp ! Details
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    zdravm vs mme tu nov 3 hern servery a to jsou Pintball,Zombie,gungame Gungame Server IP : zombie Server IP : Pintball Server IP : p?ejem p?kn hran p?eje Majitel portalu Fofowow Details
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    Frosty-WoW [New Generation Of Fun Servers] Trinity 2020 Instant 255 With Ready Talent And Learned Spells Custom Patch-C Includes : Shadowlands Login And Character Creater Custom Flask , Custom Aura , Custom Spells For Farming And Pvp Balance Pvp And Pve Join To Us . Details
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    Blizzlike WoW P-Server | Normale Rates | 4 Hauptberufe | Keine Spenden | Bugfreier Content | Aktiver Entwickler | Uebersichtliche Website | Forum & Bugtracker | Charaktertransfer Details
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    »Vip Systems Multiples Instances / mores difficulties & way Mores Details
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    Description: [4.3.4][Scripted Instances][Scripted BG,ARENAS][cataclysm][Pathfinding][Working BGs][No-Lag][Friendly Staff][Daily Events] Details
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    NEW private server with a constantly available lag-free realm, professionally developed, maintained and secured.24h Development to deliver best stability and high performance. Details
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    [x10 max 60 Realm][Progression to level 80][Vote Rewards][Discord][Events][Blizzlike][Cross Faction]-Slipy was here :P Details
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    Realm Adresse: Wotlk 3.3.5 a Neuer Realm. Blizzlike, Stufenweise eroeffnung der Raids. Nettes Team. Beginnt mit uns gemeinsam nochmals die Abenteuer von Wrath of the Lich King von Beginn an! Server zu 99% Online, Bug Tracker zum schnellen Melden von Fehlern. Details
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    World of Warcraft Eternal Zone version 3.3.5 Entra ya a este Gran Mundo Discord en la web Buenas están todos cordialmente invitados a nuestro proyecto Eternal Zone Mazmorras diarias Bandas y BGs mixtas todas al 100% Tasas de Drops x2 Tasas de Exp x3 Tasas de Honor x2 Details
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    Come join me on Instant 80, Transmogrification, be any class you want with any race you want by download our small patch (11mb), Active auction houses, Free for all warzone, Balanced battlegrounds, working instances and more. Details
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    Visit our website for more info Details
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    i85 mid rate funserver. Not P2W like most servers. its pay to advance to end tier content! 400k to 400m hp. Details
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    Furious season | Instant rates | Fixed resilience, spells etc. | Pathfinding and Vmaps | Unique systems - Solo que, Arena Spectator, PvP Island, Transmogrification, Challenge and more Details
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    Sanctuary WoW is TBC FUNSERVER. We have 3x Talents, own token system , Teleporter NPC , Transmog NPC ,Duel Reset Script ,Titles System, PvP System, 1v1 Arena - Working 2v2,3v3,5v5 Arenas , Working Battlegrounds , Scripted Instances ,Tiers and more Details
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    This is a High Rate server. Kill rate x25 Quest Rate x30 Money Rate x10 Reputation Rate x5 Drop Rate x3 Crafting Rate x3 Raids, Spells, Tallents & Dungeons Working 97% For now that is it! Details
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    Server Italiano Espansione WOTLK Details
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    Vanilla private server that focus souly on the community, we do not accept donations nor do we have a gamebreaking shop All the rates are set to x1 Details
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    Black Lotus WoW +30% Schwierigkeit in WoW - 7x Rates - T7 Progress - Season 5 - Crossfraction - Werbt einen Freund - Wochenend Events - Daily Hc Quests - aktives Team - Details
  • 132 In To The Darkness Shady WoW Fun 3.3.5 Level 100 Server , Added Many Custom Items,Creatures,Mounts,Quests, And and and ... World Boss Story VIP GOLDEN And And And .... Details
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    Ring Of War is a 100x 3.3.5 PvE and PvP server unlike anything you’ve played on before. - World scale - Solo player can make dungeons and instances - Login items - Solo LFG - 1 vs 1 Arena - Npcbot feature - Progressive release - Website registration reward system - Daily login reward, Details
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    Instant 85 - 1v1 Arena - Crossfaction BG - 1 Click enchant - Max professions - Free Starter Gear - Free Materials - Free morph - Duel resets script - 1 Click Pets for Hunter - PvP titles rewards - Active and Friendly Staff Members Details
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    Stormhoof - Private WoW Server - Free Character Transfer, Quick Leveling [XP x5], Progressive and Scripted Contents, Level 80 Boost opportunity, Lootcrate and MORE Details
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    100 DP and 200 VP for every new account Max Level 100 Xp 20 drop semi hard Work instances Details
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    New Pvp season 2 the 21/10/2017 ! Free level 100 character offered until the 31 of October ! Xp rate between 1 and 5 / Invite a friend available / Join one of the best Wod server 624 Discover Tanaan,Garrison lvl 3, World Boss, Higmaul ,Blackrock Foundry, Many Dungeon , Shop in Game Details
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    The only WOTLK Server that is 100% soloable! 3 different realms. 3 different styles. No need for groups or players. No donation gear. No pay to win. Your world, your pace. Try us out today! WoW top 100, 200 servers, WoW private servers, wow server Details
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    We are a lvl 255 Funserver with a stable core! Come and enjoy the experience of a fun server! Details
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    Servidor 99.90% uptime y estable - Wow 3.3.5a - Experiencia Blizzlike x1 - No Lag - Capacidad para 500+ jugadores simultaneos - Excelente soporte de los administradores - Foros y comunidad - Armory - Instancias y Battlegrounds Details
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    5.4.8 Patch - Blizzlike - Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons and Raids - SoloQueue arena system - Dungeon Finder - Fully scripted leveling zones - Dungeons/Raids all working Blizzlike - Biggest italian server Details
  • 142 | WotLK | 3.3.5a To be defined... Details
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    PROJECT SOLOCRAFT is a solo-based 3.3.5 realm currently in Alpha. Everything is scaled based on your current gear, this makes progression fun and gives you as a player the possibility to progress without the requirement of others. [NO CASH SHOP] [99.9 % UP-TIME] [ALL DUNGEONS SCRIPTED] JOIN US Details
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    Kronos, 24/7 Uptime, Blizzlike Rates, Scripted Instances, Outdoor PVP, Working Pathfinding for creatures and pets, Events, Active Battlegrounds, Lag-free - BLIZZPERFECT Details
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    Frost Lords , 3.3.5 , Custom Items , Custom Instances , Custom PvP System , Unique Content , Professional Friendly Staff , Free Lag! Give us a try Details
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    [100% Blizzlike][x2 XP][Progressive][RDF][100% working BGs][100% quests][100% Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK instances][Better pathfinding][No Lag][Auto BackUp][Professional Team][No pay to win] Details
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    High quality content. Blizzlike classes, quests, arenas, raids and dungeons. An active Community and Staff. Mythic+, Arena Spectator, Guildhouses, Transmog, Events, Tournaments for real money & much more. Used to be the biggest WotLK server. Details
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    Servidor Latino Cataclismo 4.3.4! PvE/PvP , Constante Mantenimiento con staff amigable! Rates x15 Profesionalmente Desarrollado con un nucleo estable! Details
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    the best private pvp And pve server cata this is realy blizzlike form our server has recently started working and were looking for players who are willing to play in a scripted catactlysm environment Details
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    Blizzlike - Exceptional Quality - 99% uptime - All instances/raids open - Regular updates - Dedicated and friendly staff - Active PvE and PvP community - Working Arenas and Battlegrounds. Details