[NEW] Flyff For Infinity v18 - Low Rate

Welcome... We are Flyff for Infinity a Low Rate server.. Rates are [10x, 10x, 20x].. The Team is focused on Fair and Balance Gaming.. Server Will Open on March 9.. Server Feature: ~PetFilter ~Teleporter ~QuickChange Job ~4x GuildSiege ~All CS Dropable ~Item Rarity ~RC Custom Weapons ~Guild Buff ~Fre

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InfinityFlyff is a LowRate Server but Mostly all Premium Items Are in Shops or Can Drop Ingame. This game is more focused on Balance PvP and no Over Power Donate Items.. We are still on BETA but we will keep on updating and adding features for the players so that they have a good and fun experience playing on infinityflyff. Progress in FlyFF is made by gaining experience points and leveling up. The more monsters you kill and the more quests you do reward you with experience to grow your character and to enable you to become more powerful. It''s a long road to becoming one of the legendary Heroes of Madrigal, but the journey there is every bit as exciting and rewarding once you set upon that path. Excited about joining FlyFF and becoming a part of her wonderful community? Click here to find out how to start playing.