L2-Ariadne - Chronicle 3

Server Rates: - 7x EXP - 7x SP - 7x Adena - 5x Drop - 3x Quest Reward - Full support Lineage C3 client - Full C3 maps/mobs/items/quest - Support siege castle - Support strider/wyvern - Support seven signs - Support subclass

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Server L2-Ariadne x7 - designed for those players of the world of Lineage 2, for whom the chronicles of Rise of Darkness were the best, but always lacked dynamism, speed - something more than what any of the classes in the game could offer. Offering you a unique game-play with all the most implemented aspects of the game in terms of Rise of Darkness server. No, we are not trying to jump above our head, inventing new skills for the weak classes. But we will give you the opportunity to form your character with minimal restrictions. And we will ensure that a certain class will not dominate over the rest, putting maximum effort to balance skills, based on the features of our server, but not forgetting the original idea of the developers of the game Lineage 2. And to do that we have everything we need: experience in the game-play, understanding the game mechanics and, most importantly, the desire to do our work. L2-Ariadne - x7 will allow you not to spend a lot of time on leveling up and equipping the character, and any additional benefits can be obtained in gaming way. One of our main tasks is to equalize the possibilities of long-playing and novices. We are trying to interest players with events, both automated and conducted with the server administration. Thus, it will be interesting for you to play at any stage of development of your character. L2-Ariadne - Is based on Java platform, which is implemented the maximum implementation of C3 chronicles, with build-in defense against third-party cheat programs. Yes, it's in Java, but it is working with the sources and if something happens, we will immediately fix the bug that you might find. We do not have PTS, defected which is tons in the share. But we optimized and balanced the server according to official data, which were taken from Lineage2.com and the players who played on these chronicles. Come on L2-Ariadne and see by yourself.