L2 Grimm

Lineage 2 Interlude Server Unique, Mysterious, Dark Server x35 EXP/SP x65 ADENA

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L2Grimm.com is a unique server that comes into the world of Lineage 2 promising and providing pure devotion to the players that follow us into the beautiful path of this server. We desire a simple but delightful gameplay for the fellows, that here and now will discover the marvelous land of L2 Interlude through a dark and mysterious sight. The world you are stepping in has NO custom Weapons/Armors/Jewels etc. The spirit of L2 gameplay is vanished away if the world is teared apart with Custom Equipment. There have been implemented some special Misc Items that will bring the perfection close to you and we recommend to observe them as the page is slipping past forward. Recently we have opened a YOUTUBE channel, with a promo video for our OFFICIAL launch. Right now we are running the server in BETA mode and hopefully resolve every single bug that could have missed our sight. The server STAFF is made of: - Eustache: Server Administrator; - Xtreme: Server Web/Forum Developer & GM; - MaDDoX: Server Core Developer & Java Expert Some special features of our server are: - Items with special properties like: Clan Crown(increase clan level), Noblesse Coin (become noblesse), Wyvern Item (ride a wyvern), AIO Item (used to become AIO) , etc. - Class have been balanced, buff slots are perfect for PVP - Server is based on Buying Items until 52(B Grade) and crafting for A grade and S grade - Special NPC`s: Buffer with Scheme buff and Normal buffs; Merchant with skill enchanting, dye`s, Augmenting; Bug Report NPC etc.