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L2 Scarlet Freya 15x

Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya 15x PvP[vE] long-term server PvP[vE] Areas / Events / Seed of Infinity / Seed of Destruction / Seed of Annihilation / Freya raid / Castle Sieges / Olympiad every 2 weeks / Updates every week / Raiding Join Us Its Free

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Welcome to Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya server! -- Website: https://www.lineage2scarlet.com How to connect: https://www.lineage2scarlet.com/connect Forum: https://www.lineage2scarlet.com/forum/ Discord: https://discord.gg/VKZAzZq Lineage 2 Freya 15x server Experience rate: 15x Skillpoints rate: 15x Party EXP: 2x Party SP: 2x Drop rate: 1x RaidDropItems: 1x RaidDropJewely: 1x Spoil: 25x Adena drop rate: 10x Full Geodata enabled TVT Event, Custom Events, Olympiad and Castle Sieges every 2 weeks. Dot commands: .expoff .expon .deposit .withdraw .tvt Slash commands: /time /olympiadstat /siegestatus /duel /instancezone /unstuck Max Buffs: 24 + 4 Max Dances/Songs: 12 Buffs time: 2 hours Normal Enchant: 66% Blessed Enchant: 70% Safe enchant: +4 Max enchant: +20 Weekly passive events New Epilogue and Freya zones Stable Linux Ubuntu server with latest updates Frequent updates and daily support Baium spawn every 5 days + 2 hours random Valakas spawn every 6 days + 12 hours random Antharas spawn every 6 days + 12 hours random -- https://www.lineage2scarlet.com