L2 Stealth - Interlude 50X

We are currently running on the Interlude mid rates platform, custom balanced items, special items for donate system, good Raid Bosses drops, craft system...

Game Versions
Game Types
The L2 Stealth is a server with unique features with balanced items, special Drops from Raid Boss and others, check full stripe down: Exp Rate 50x Sp Rate 75x Safe Enchanting 3 Max Enchanting Weapon 25 Max Enchanting Armor 10 Buffs All In One System Spoil & Craft Item System The skills are read automatically, as the player via level up Class Cat NPC Quest in the main cities Strider can be obtained by quest Mana Potion Recharges 150 mana in 1 seconds with reuse of 4 seconds, on sale in the Grocer trades Siege Saturday and Sunday of May TvT Every 4 hours in 4 hours, at 18:00 hours, 3 consecutive games are played. High Level items are obtained in 4 ways Craft&Spoil, Dropping from Raid Boss, participating in TvT and through Donation All major buffs are 3 hours long Clan 3, 4 and 5 clan quest items are on view at the CLAN TRADE npc in Giran and Rune NPCs NewBie Guide working for those who are initiating and have no buffs