Lineage 2 Hive Five Exp:25x Sp:25x Adena:25x Drop:15x Spoil:15x [Comunity GmShop up to S Grade] [Buffer 24+4/12] [Actioner up to 10 items] [Subclass change comunity] [Clan recruiting comunity] [Balance Donation Shop comunity ] [NO Custom items] [Npc databas

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On february 18 at 9 pm GMT beta server will be live beta shop in giran town level and all items free to test (don't wait for everything to be perfect it's a beta server just report any bug or problem).Report bug or other problems =>email: [email protected] this way your report will not be forgotten and you will be rewarded on the live non beta server with donation coin. Because the server is maintained by one person some technical issues or bugs in the game may take longer to be fix thanks for understanding. The plan for this server is to be LIVE for at least 10 years or more this will not be easy. Any technical problem or bug will be fixed as soon as possible and the database will be kept safe so none of the players will loses anything over the years.