Grand Opening Interlude x100 MultiCraft - !

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Server opening date: November 22, 20.00 Moscow time. Server start in OBT mode: November 19, 20.00 Moscow time. Start of the Olympiad: November 24. GvG Tournament with a prize fund of 15,000 rubles! - Details of the tournament. Server Features: NEW Unique quest for a costume. NEW Revival of the forgotten location Blazing Swamp. NEW Hunt for Tyrannosaurus Dino Island Leveling Soul Crystal from 12 to 13 Levels on RB. We can safely call our server - unique! Must know: Now in the Blazing Swamp from 21.00 to 00.00 Moscow time Mage / Warrior Monster with a tasty drop appear High-grade Life Stone chance 2% - Festival Adena - chance 15% - Scroll: Enchant Weapon/Armor - chance 2% - Arcana Mace Head/Draconic Bow Shaft - chance 16%