Tehgamers [x100]

Tehgamers ORIGINAL - new server Ares[x100 High Five] * auto instanced DM/TVT/KOH/DOM/CTF/FOS events and much more

Game Versions
Game Types
Server - Ares server Chronicle: High Five Exp: x100 Sp: x100 Adena: x400 Drop: x3 Spoil: x10 Enchant rate: retail Blessed enchant rate: retail Safe enchant: +3 Max enchant armor/jewel: +15 Max enchant weapon: +18 Buff time: 60 minutes Song/Dance time: 60 minutes NPC buffer: buffs/songs/dances/summon Auto events: every 60 minutes, .event for more info Class change: Free [Npc Roy the Cat] Subclass change: free [at grandmasters] Noblesse: barakiel /1000 medals Dual boxing: max 3 per box Features: -Special olympiad [heroes 2x per month, anonymous olympiad game] -Sieges every week -Territory wars every week -Custom Battleground PvP/farm zones with and heal rewards every 45 min -Automatic Instanced events [TvT,Koth,CTF,Dom,DM[anonymous],Fos] -Event - Medal as main currency [obtainable with Automatic events,Voting,PvP - Heal rewards,Medal Keepers,Raid bosses,Sieges] -Reduced RB spawn time with time frame spawn info -Custom NPC buffer -offline shop system [leave your shop on and use 'exit client'] -Advanced Community board [with latest real time announcements,top players list, event info,RB time framespawn info] Custom commands: .event/.join - show event list and enables join to the event if there is participation avaliable .afk - usable to report afk player in event .language - Language system - seperate chat channel accesed by .language command .buffoff - anti overbuffing command[you can only receive buffs from self/party/clan/alliance] .buffme - get buffed from AIO with no clicks .xplock - gaining exp is disabled