Criminals Nightmare

Criminals Nightmare is a FREE Text Based web browser online game. Loads interesting things to achieve and level up. Updated regularly and easy to play. Come check it out? Sign Up, Log In, Recruit/Refer some friends Across The World and Become a Criminal!

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There are loads interesting things to achieve and level up. - Train in a Gym to increase you're Strength, Speed and Guard to become stronger. - Commit crimes to obtain money quickly. - Kill other Criminals to level up or steal cash. - Create a Gang to form a group of criminals in one place and work together. - Search Victor's shops to obtain items or money depending on your level. - Find housing materials to build your property and increase your training. - Grow your own drugs to benefit yourself. - Rob logs to sell for money, Rob ore to create bars, Use bars to make knives. - Compete in the Hall of Fame for best ranking player. Plus so much more.. Are you interested in seeing what else there might be for you to do? Then all you got to do is Sign Up and Log In. Good luck and hope to see you all soon. Game Released: 3rd July 2015