Infinite Mafia

Immerse Yourself into a Old-School Mafia Styled Text Based Web Game! With a plethra of twists and turns! Gather Friends/Foes to knock out missions at a much fatser pace! Head to the Back-Streets For some PvE Action! Bigger Bosses Biger Rewards!

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Over The Years, Ive Played Games [Text Based] In Various Themes! And I Now Understand, Its Not the theme of the game that makes the game, Its The People, The Content.Will You Be an Vampire or Werewolf...Or as Simple as a The Thing That Makes You Wanna Login and Collect Your Dailies. Maybe Open a Metal Factory To Make Iron and Save To purchase house upgrade that add to your awake! Compete In Mobster Gallery! Multiple Categories From Most Kills To Most Mugs and MORE! Travel The Country Looking For Unique City Items and Bigger and BETTER Upgrades For YOU the Player. After That.....Yeah theres more, Do You Have Battle Friends or Foes...Even Back-Streets In Your Path to #1. Or Will You kill Along The Way!!