Insane Gangsters

Wanna be the best?..think you ARE the best?.. then come on in and play Insane Gangsters. The missions and crimes are the best place to start, build up your money to buy weapons and protection, the quicker you complete your missions the quicker you start making big money,

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Welcome To Insane Gangsters, we will give you upto 5 million dollars free swiss and bank deposit allowance which means you can safely put your money away when you need to, we also gave you a starting allowance of 50,000 dollars which you can use for whatever purpose you wish, go try out the blackjack or slots or any other gambling feature found in the gambling tab. We will also enabled a free 12 hour bribe which means you won't goto jail for mini crimes for 12 hours so make sure you take advantage of this by doing your crimes as much as you can during this time. May we suggest you start of in the crimes page Crimes/Criminal Activities and start ranking up and earning money by completing crimes, also you can start on your missions in Crimes/Your Missions which will help you to earn real good money on completion of each mission. You can message other users and post in forums when you reach the rank of Thug but you can use our ingame chat straight away....come and say hello.... you can find a list of ranks if you click on your rank in the user menu where your stats are stored, also if you would like any help on the game just send a message to our helpdesk which can be found in Messages/Helpdesk. You can earn free bullets by ranking up each rank, and also you can earn bullets, cash, rankup and points by Voting for us! simply goto the Main tab and click on vote and start earning your free stuff. You can earn points from the fight club by keep training and the person who has trained the most in a week gets the 250 point reward, also you can earn 250 points per week by being the fastest finisher on our street race, you can earn 2,500,000 dollars daily on our helicopter game which is in the gambling section. So what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!!!