The Revolution!

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The Story It's 2028, you are a Cape Breton Resident. You will play the role of an everyday citizen, looking to make it big. The Demon Prodiction Corp came to fruition in 2019 and started setting up small camps in order to perform their social experiments with permission from the government and local law enforcement, once they executed Operation Overlord the United Nations slowly collapsed in on itself. Once the government was out of the picture, the started setting up their own detainment facilities where they would experiment with law breakers. They had sectioned off the Major Cities in the World, so that they could control the population easier. As an experiment, the DPC decided it would be a good idea to section off major cities and allow the citizens to have access to weaponry and armour. All of it being controlled by fear... Once you are born into this world, there is no way out and you are literally the shit on the bottom of their boots. Unless you have a DP-666 Permit to leave the Zones, which can be acquired from the main DP Head Office. Only one problem, not just anyone gets there. You need to be trusted by the corporation. Operation Overlord was a operation executed perfectly by the DP Corp officers. In which they infiltrated the local government posing as MPs, which were given almost instantly due to the CEO's connections to the Rothschild family. Slowly but surely, more seats were acquired by the corp. Posing as the Socialistic Democracy of the People they promised more jobs and less poverty if they were elected. They won by a landslide, taking control of Canada. The DPC had the Russian President murdered which was asked for by the Americans, and left no evidence tracing it back to them. But instead framed an opposing Country, the evidence was never properly analysed. They left the United Nations, and became an independant nation. Leaving America, United Kingdom and China to their own devices with appointed Leaders who ran them like a normal country. Each country attached to Canada became its own soveirgn nation, lead by DP Corp Agents. Once in power, the DPC left the UN using the Rothschild family as a connection and therefore no longer had to comply to their policies. Obviously, a country doesn't just up and leave the UN. So they had a false flag set up in several other countries by their National Diversion and Misinformation Division The Angelic Corp for a couple of years. To keep the other nations distracted whilst they set up their perimeters around the capital cities. Each city acts as its own experiment, and is kept secured by heavily armed guards and high-tech military equipment. They have every border watched, and anybody who opposes this Coproration gets sent to an external camp and executed. The DPC do not have an end purpose, other than to achieve their version ofthe New World Order in a simulation environment. So if it fails, then they can rethink their strategy. The economy is still the same, and the infrastructure is handled directly through the most powerful Corporation on the planet. Good luck out there citizen, remember it's survival of the fittest.