AvengerMu-Season 16 Episode 3 x500

NonReset OffLevel Sistem-[BK REWORK - NEW SKILLS] [Exp 500x] -xSHOP -WebShop-ALL NEW SETS S16[Long Term GamePlay]-[UNIQUE CONFIGURATION]-[Achievements Rewards]-[REFERRAL SYSTEM]-[Activity Rewards]-GunCrusher Class Free Fo item in GM EVENTS And Much More! Grand-Opening TODAY !!!

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AvengerMu is a new upcoming Mu online private server that will be a unique and fun play experience. it is 500x Exp and there will be many fun things implemented we hope that all new players will come join us for the launch and claim free Gold Vip while ur at it. Remember that it is Season16 Episode 3 :) additional information includes: [OPENING 23/03/2021]-[BK REWORK - NEW SKILLS] [Exp 500x] - [NO PAY TO WIN]-[MAX 3GR]-[Long Term GamePlay]-[UNIQUE CONFIGURATION]-[Achievements Rewards]-[NO WEBSHOP]-[REFERRAL SYSTEM]-[Activity Rewards] Free Gold Vip when join And much more JOIN NOW