HotActionMu launching on 29 sept. 2018

Hard server/ 10X EXP/No reset/ All season 13 features/ Both PK and NON-PK rooms/ All characters for free/ Great rewards for beginners/

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Come check our new and fresh Mu Online Season 13 Ep 1 server [the Ep 2 is coming soon]. Hot Action Games brings you the Hot Action MU, this is a 10x EXP hard server with all the features from Season 13 ep [systems, maps, items, wings, characters, events] including webpage market where you can sell your item, we have two rooms PK and NON-PK, our cash shop is very cheap and all characters are free [you need to reach the right level to unlock]. We have a dedicated support team to assist you in whatever you need and we are very happy to have you as a comrade!