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Season 3 Episode 1 + Customs | Exp - 170x | Drop - 40% | NO FO | PVP BALANCE | GRANDOPENING

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Grand Opening 20th February 17:00 GMT+2! We have been running MU Servers for more than 1 years now providing a one of a kind gameplay mostly to Latvian Players and now we have decided to go world wide targeting players from all nations that love MU Online to join and play with a server that would surely be pure challenge! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opening for all Nations! Game Info: Season 3 Episode 1 + Customs Exp: 170x Drops: 40% ( Jewels have default low rate ) Max Level: 400 Jewel Success Rate: Soul 50% | 75% , Jewel of Life 50% ( up to +16 only ) Chaos Machine Rate: +10 = 50% +11-13 = 45% +14 = 40% +15 = 35% Luck + 20% Events: CryWolf Event Castle Siege Kantru Event White Wizard Invasion Blood Castle Chaos Castle Devil Square Golden Dragon Drop Event Happy Hour Event PvP Event Carnage Event Rena Event Loren Battle Event Loren Castle Deep Last Man Standing Monthly Duel Masters for Every Class Weekly Guild Events Mystical Soldier Event Custom Features: Website Shop(Max 2 Exe Opt,+9) Brother(Proffesion) Quest Pet Moss(Try you luck) New Arena(Pay 1 Chaos for Enter) OffTrade Reset In game Grand Reset in game Pack System for all Jewels Marry System PkClear Mob Add Point Systeam (/str,/agi,/vit,/ene,/com) Client Features: MiniMap 3D camera (f7 on/off) Fog Fixed Speed Bug Low CPU usage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item Drop Reference: http://www.guiamuonline.com/item-drop Item drop included in boxes can all be found on guide from link above. This has been thoroughly reviewed over and over to ensure no problems will occur once server has gone live. We try to make the gameplay feel more similar to Global. Additional Info: Medals drop on the first 4 Weeks -Silver Medal Drops Leather, Vine, Pad up to +7+luck+12 or Jewel of Chaos and Bless -Gold Medal Drops Scale, Wind, Sphinx up to +7+luck+12 or Jewel of Soul Cherry Blossoms Box permanent drop -Rice Cake, Wine, Petals ( unstackable ) 380 Items -Can only be hunted from monsters level 130 and above for Armors and 147 and above for weapons What is GEM? -Gem is Ingame Shop Currency , With gems you can buy new buffs and new jewels. You can earn it with Staying Ingame,Reset or GrandReset.(You Can Donate it!) GEM Earning -1 Hour Online = 10 Gems Donation Policy -No FO items only 2 Opt Max and +9. Off Trade -Off trade for Gems on Lorencia The only hard server that would be easy and fun to play! Grand Opening on February 20, 2015 17:00hrs GMT+2