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Phoenix Mu Online

Join us Today ! exp 100x, /reset ingame, 3 points /level, 500 points in all stats, drop 60%, made to be a community ! lorencia bar non-exc ring and pendant+0+7% hp rec, Webshop, donate, grand reset, In-game wcoin pcoin goblinpoint shop, Standard shops, 65532 max-Stats

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Join us Today ! exp 100x reset stats at RR,500 stats / reset drop 60% made to be a community ! Spots 100% covered maps lorencia bar non-exc ring and pendant+0+7% hp rec Webshop donate, grand reset In-game wcoin pcoin goblinpoint shop Standard shops+all skills 65532 max-Stats. Credits can be exchanged for wcoin,pcoin. Wcoin reward from Events ! Ancient drop from kundun, 3 guarenteed. Medusa 5 ancient drops ! Jewel of excellent (2 options max, not FO, very rare) Jewel of luck (low drop rate, very rare) Castle Siege Friendly players ! Vote reward ->credits