Soulcore Mu Online GRAND OPENNING 1DEC2017

Main season Server configuration: Exp : 50 x Drop: 60% Max stats : NONE! Start lvl up points - 200 Stats after reset -550 / VIP -610 Configured party experience

Game Versions
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Experience: 50x Drop: 50x Points per Level: 5/6 DL/RF: 6/7 Points per Reset: [0-2 Resets]- 650 DL/RF: 700 [2-5 Resets]- 700 DL/RF: 750 [5-10 Resets]- 800 DL/RF: 850 Points Per Grand Reset: 2000 DL/RF 2500 Stats after Reset and Grand Reset: Delete [including Master level and points after GR] Spots in Several maps Bosses eg.Medusa,Kundun,Selupan,etc. adjusted for party attacks only. [Unless you want to spend ages killing solo] No Max Stats! No WEBSHOP! X-shop in-game. NO FO ITEMS ON SERVER! Drops and Boss HP's highly balanced for res and grand res strenghts. VIP services also present on server. 4 TIERS [BRONZE][SILVER][GOLD][PLATINUM] VIP advantages : [Bronze] XP:+2%--DROP:+2--Arena Access--VIP Shop access in Lorencia Bar [Silver] XP:+3%--DROP:+3--Arena Access--VIP Shop access in Lorencia Bar [Gold] XP:+5%--DROP:+5--Arena Access--VIP Shop access in Lorencia Bar [Platinum] XP:7%--DROP:+7--Arena Access--VIP Shop access in Lorencia Bar In Shops: Basic 2 sets +0+luck and Basic 3 weapons +0+luck for each class and no jewels or large HP/MP Potions Fully balanced PVP/Raid System +Master Skills and Pentagram System