TaxiMuRo Mu Origin Mobile

VIP 10 Wings 20 manual upgrade or with tears in mall NewFashion Wing Pet VIP Free gift code every week Enter to our website download apk install and then enter in game

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Starting from love for old Mu Online our team has started working on the mobile version.Momentan TaxiMuRo goes just for android but soon we will also get a version for IOS.Visit our website at download the android and / or android emulator and install it right into the game. Expect numerous surprises from the TaxiMuRo.Giftcodes team every week the professional developer team makes the TaxiMuRo server a professional, long-lasting server and countless events in which you can win diamonds, items and why not if you are a good player and you have knowledge of php, java or sdk you can get into TaxiMuRo team. Do we see the game like that?