Server Info- Base/Job- 99/70- x100 EXP Rates- 30x Equipment Drop Rate- 30x Item/Misc Drop Rate- 1% Card Drop Rate- 0.5 Rare Cards- Episode 103 Noghalt- Trans Job- Pre-renewal Mob Spawns- Classic Equipments and Weapons- Official Refine Rates- Pre-Renewal Job Change Quest

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Server Info - Base/Job- 99/70 - x150 EXP Rates - 30x Equipment Drop Rate - 30x Item/Misc Drop Rate - 5% Card Drop Rate -0.50 Rare Cards - Episode 10.3 Noghalt - Rathena Server Server Features - Trans Job - Pre-renewal Mob Spawns - Classic Equipments and Weapons - Costume System (Obtainable from Quests, Vote for Points and Donation *Costume has NO Stats*) - Balanced Donation Items - Official Refine Rates - Pre-Renewal Job Change Quest - Pre-Renewal Stats and Skills Formula - Pre-Renewal Item and Equipment Monster Drop - No GOD Item - No Card Remover - No Warper Commands @mi, @ii, @whereis, @whodrops, @request, @time, @commands,@jailtime Temporarily Disabled Features (will be enabled in the future) - Combo Cards - Combo Equipmenets - Socket Enchant System - Armor Enchant System - Custom Stylist NPC - Automated Events FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/2K-RO/1527342820841563 Download and register here: www.2kro.com