Brawl Ragnarok Online

Fresh RE PK MidRate Server strives for official feel with some advantages 175/70 150 max stat No obnoxious customs. Best items found in game Eden Group makes leveling easy! NPC to lift to first job Option to max at Trans 99. Voting competes with Donation Official VIP system Ethical Admin Join TODAY!

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A brand new Renewal PK Ragnarok Server striving for an official feel with some advantages. 175/70 max level. Rates~ Base Exp=100x Job Exp= 100x Common Drops= 300x Equip drop= 100x MVP Equip Drop= 50x MVP card= 50x Normal Cards= 50x Max ASPD: 194. Third jobs with latest sprites. All mounts are implemented. Mounting reins are achieved through simple quest. Customs are limited to recolored official head gears. There are no obnoxious wings or midgears. There are no overpowered customs. There is no gold room. Zeny is achieved via vending and hunting monsters. There is no MVP room to promote competition for MVP items and increase the value of MVP drops. This makes the most valuable items obtained in game. The Server is designed to withstand time. Leveling is done via Eden Group! The Eden group quests remove the monotony of leveling grind. The mobs killed through Eden group allow a player to gain items they need for quests and gears while leveling. An NPC located upon entry and in Eden group to lift novices to first job. There is a Job Master who grants all skills if you speak to him twice no matter what your job level is. There is an option to max at Trans 99 or continue on with Eden quests in the 100175 hunting board room in Eden Group. Leveling can also be performed through the Renewal leveli engine. Certain maps grant higher experience depending on job. For quality time with Kafra @go @warp @storage and @gstorage are not enabled. Not including these commands encourages economy and utilizes more of the game. For convenience, there is an extensive Warper in every town. All instances are enabled. There is a Custom PvP system and ladder including a PvP Wager System! Wager enables players to bet zeny against their nemesis. Wager can be single player vs single player or party vs party. Put your ZenY where you MouTH is!!!The voting system is designed to compete with Donations. Donations are consumables and refining materials. Every month there is a 'Monthly Gift Box.' The contents of the Monthly Gift Box grant costume or buff item by chance and change every month. The Official VIP system is implemented. If a player votes as much as allowed, they will be able to purchase VIP every month with some cash points to spare. VIP is also achievable through 'Player of the Month' and Forum Video Event. There are monthly Forum events to encourage player creativity. Because we truly are a brand new server, population is still fresh. When the population increases, WoE will be implemented on a schedule convenient for the majority of the player population. To keep it fun and competitive, castles open during WoE will be limited. To keep it fair, Guild castle ownership is limited. Guild incentives are still being determined. Once Guild incentives are determined and WoE is active, 'Guild of the Month' will be implemented. Brawl Ragnarok Online is carefully developed and thought out. The game play and contents are constantly improving. There is an extensive costume system. This Ragnarok server is treated like a work of fine art. In game events will be added as the population increases so there is no early player advantage. The staff is caring and committed! The Game play is quality! Administration is Ethical and available to answer any and all questions or resolve conflicts. The community is friendly and helpful! Join Today!