High Rate Server| |Exp: 1500x| |Job: 1500x| |Drop: Modified| |Max Level: 150/70 | |Frequent Automated Events Daily|

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Welcome to Lumina RO Server is now Officially UP Download and Experience on How Classic RO Work Welcome to team play server Features: HIGH RATE SERVER (BASE 1500X/JOB 1500X) ONLINE 24/7 WEEKLY/MONTHLY MAINTENANCE MAX BLVL/JLVL (150/70) MAX STAT 130 MAX ASPD 195 Drop Rates: MODIFIED Pre-Renewal RO SERVER BALANCED AFTER SKILL CAST DELAY BALANCED CUSTOM ITEMS TONS OF CUSTOM HEAD GEARS TONS OF QUEST HEAD GEARS DAILY REWARD CHEAP CASH ITEMS NO OVER POWERED CASH ITEMS AUTOMATED EVENTS GMs EVENT ACTIVE AND FRIENDLY GMs AND MANY MORE TO BE ADDED SOON MAIN TOWN AT Prontera -ALL NPC- Healer Npc Broadcaster Npc Card Remover Npc Reseter Npc Mall Warper Mvp Warper Warper Npc Job changer not Instant Gold Room Npc Stylist Npc Platinum Skill Npc Rental Npc And More ... like us on Facebook: Our website: