Ran Gunner EP7- Revival Edition

- A Tribute to the old ran gunner ep7 server [different management]. - New PvP features [Tyranny[fix]/Royal Rumble[modified]/Capture the Base[new] - 7 - 237 Skills [7 - 197 unlocked, rest are huntable] - Balanced - ItemRebuild - Wing w/ attack speed - CW champion auto reward system - Warzone/Suryun

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Welcome to Ran Gunner EP7 - Revival Edition Features: - Balance GamePlay - Low PC Requirements w/ disable effect and hide set features. - 5 Class Server [No Extreme] - Max level up to 500 - Unlocked 7 - 207 Skills [217 , 237 huntable] - Max upgrade up to +30 - Add party from friendlist [fix] - Add party from guildlist [fix] New features: - Capture the Base - Tyranny - Royal Rumble [modified version] - AutoPilot System [w/ own slot, no need to hover]. - Hide Set [Anti Lag] - Hide Skill Effect [Anti Lag] Website Features: - Auto reward system for the golden e-room champions [No need to wait for reward]. - Stats vulnerability, this sheet will show the stats of all the player. - Referral System, Refer a friend and get a commision from their donates. Trademarks belong to their respective owner. This server is not owned/operated by the previous Ran Gunner Management, this is just a revival version for all the players who want to experience the old ran online gunner server.