Ran Hardcore Version II

4 CLASS , lOW dONate server , growing community , balance gameplay , just join to our game to experience our community Ran HardCore Version II

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http://ran-hardcore.servegame.com/ ======================= RAN HARDCORE VERSION II [BAKBAKAN] (y) ======================= EP9 (Y) 4 Class (Y) Low Rate Server (Y) No Reborn (Y) Max level 251 (Y) Target info (Y) Cool Freebies ;) (Y) Balance gaming (Y) Donor vs Non Donor Posible (Y) Hunt your own items (Y) Hunt your own VIP items 15 Days (Y) Vote your VIP items 15 days (Y) Right Click Function (Y) CW everyday 7-8 pm (Y) CDM everyday 5-6 pm (Y) 2 New Special Suryun (Y) New Items (Y) More UpdateS New Skills (Y) Smooth Game Play (Y) Animated Wings (Y) New Bakulaw Wings (Y) Special Event Every 1 month (Y) Normal Event (Y) LMS every Saturday Price VIP item (Y) Fansign Event (Y) Special Wacky PS Event (Y) and MORE MORE MORE MORE ^_^ VIP MOBS SYSTEM LIKE PH FULL +15 SET AND WEAPON TO OUR SITE GROWING COMMUNITY SERVER :) COME AND JOIN US FOR MORE UPDATES