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Lottery Sro II D11 Silkroad Private server which has many features for more information you can visit Also you can follow us on Facebook to be updated with the latest news

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Lottery - Sro II is a private silkroad server D11 have several feature . There is a lot of private servers every where I played almost them but I never had fun In any server a huge number of ps Is sucks , Why ? . Because all people like high rates exp , sp and alchemy then players get max level after that search for something to do and they won't find... , Do you remember sjsro ? zszc that was the mother of ps very low rates and people was happy playing it . to get maximum level you must play hard not to play 1 hour to get it , It should be an [COLOR="red"]achievement[/COLOR] to get . Quests is so important and it gives game some kind of fun when you say to your friend let's go to finish that quest I really need your help , While doing quest .. chatting meeting Uniques haah It was really fantastic days Scrolls of Exp / sp nowadays there is no body use it , Should have a role Pay to play or pay to win Some private servers based on donate not based on fun but * Lottery Sro * [COLOR="Red"]based [/COLOR]on fun and hard playing to win - Based on Play to win (Real one) - Based on Jobbing - Having Fun * low rates * daily events * silk / h * no donation items or gold * report about scam , hack or bug ( will be rewarded ) * Lottery Scrolls * New Max Stack * New Scrolls * New Quests * New Stones * New Avatars * New Job System * New Reverse Points * New Job System * New Uniques System * Reward by your hard working * New Reward by level system * No too much edits to make game dull * More coming , More Planned