Star-SRO - the new generation of Silkroad Online

Be prepared to wait for you,We offer you a professional server has many advantages you will likeand we worked hard to provide you the best possible experience in the MMO gaming,it's completely up to you but if you like our pserver we promise that you will know the true meaning of fun in Star-SRO

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Star-SRO [Xian] - the new generation of Silkroad Online Be Prepared of what is awaiting you! Ever since the vsro files came out you and i have been for a server that get awesome gameplay system we ve looked for countless servers that are free to play. that will be online for atleast a year or more finally you are closer to that dream then ever before we have created Star-SRO server however introducing a wide range of new features complementing the pre-implemented ones. If you wana join us please download the client Cap 110 Skills Cap 110 Degree 11 Race Chinese & European EXP/SP Rates 120x Party EXP/SP Rates 130x Drop Rate 60x Max Plus Max +15 Job Rates 50x Exploits Protected Yes DDOS Protected Yes Free Silk 5000 Free Silk Battle Arena Working! Capture the Flag Working! Fortress war Jangan Currently Daily Events Yes Job Temple Working! New Drops: Star Coin 110 Uniques Jop Coin Jop Room Free Silk Coin Mobs Egy A Coin Water Temple Hwan Scroll Uniques Awaken Grade A 110 Uniques Awaken Grade B 110 Uniques Awaken Grade C 110 Uniques Awaken Grade D Arabia Coast Soulless Weapons 109 Mobs