Alpha Realms 2.4.3

2.4.3 Gigafun Zandalari. Gives you chance to live in the TBC GGF once again! Lot of custom features like 1vs1 arena all race all class. Small custom patch with legion skins. COME AND JOIN US TODAY

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this is a official website of Zandalari realm. We created a lag free and mostly pvp/pve fixed. Here is complete realm info! Server Info Start Level 1 Max Level 70 Start HP +- 50k Max HP +- 4m Shop both sides togerher Duel Area both sides toger PvP/PvE yes Custom Content yes Custom Patch yes not needed to play Launcher yes Anticheat yes movement to catch all hacks Warden yes kick on check Core Unknown Revision 521 real 14000+ Honor Rate 3-5x depend on player boost Arena Points flush 4 days Why is Zandalari that different than other realms? First thing which you can find ingame is separated items [ Tank,Heal,Spell Damage,Melee Damage,Ranged Damage]. So we hope that this thing makes a funserver littlebit real for bigger community of players. We got lot of option in editing damage/single spells - our core gives us chance to balance pvp/pve much better. Every class got separated melee/ranged/spell/heal in our config so we can just change the value for example from 1.0 to 1.1, realod config and yeah here we go +10% buff damage. Anyway all spells got own script in core and also we converted all important/possible spells to percentual. Dungeons? Stockade,Ragefire Fully scripted depend on faction AQ40 just a part Fully scripted Blackwing Lair Fully scripted Black Temple Fully scripted Karazhan Fully scripted include Chess Event,Opera,Netherspite Portals Mount Hyjal Fully scripted Other instances in use Hellfire Ramparts Shattered Halls Working Class Content Warrior - 100% Paladin - 100% Shaman - 100% Hunter - 99% we want to find a use for disengage Druid - 100% Rogue - 100% Priest - 100% Mage - 99% Molten Armor - not yet updated Warlock 100% Active Features? All Race All Class Karazhan Chess Event 1vs1 Arena Crossfaction BG/Arena Re-race npc Gender Change npc Guild Teleporter Played Time Golds andPoints Morpher TOP 5 npc Kills,Played Time Transmog Teleporter Buffer Arena Crystals Movement Anticheat Warden Passive Anticheat C++ Guards Beastmaster npc Barber npc COME AND JOIN US NOW!