Hearthstone-WoW 6.1 ALL GM

First German Warlords of Draenor 6.1 ALL GM Server! Join us and explore Draenor as real Gamemaster, feel free to build your own garrison with all the objects or even a whole city, kill bosses, use GM Spells and do all the other things you allways wanted to do!

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Hearthstone-WoW is the first german/international 6.1 ALL GM Server and in its form unique. You can live every players dream and be a real Gamemaster. You can be every boss or NPC you want to, build your own house or kill every boss with extreme Gamemaster Spells! Our Team consists of many Support Gamemasters who help you if you got any questions in game and expirienced developers who weekly update the server and add new commands to make beeing a GM really awesome and unique! We got a How to connect and the most important GM Commands summarized for you to make your start on our server as comfortable as possible! If you like the project please consider donating to get more commands activated and the [VIP] tag ingame. Have fun on our server and enjoy the power of a real Gamemaster your Hearhtstone-Wow Team