Snowstorm-wow instant 85

Instant 85 - 1v1 Arena - Crossfaction BG - 1 Click enchant - Max professions - Free Starter Gear - Free Materials - Free morph - Duel resets script - 1 Click Pets for Hunter - PvP titles rewards - Active and Friendly Staff Members

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SnowStorm-wow is an instant 85 realm with alot of features such as -crossfaction bgs - 1v1 arena - 1 click enchant - morph - Player tools - alot of Events - Also alot of DAILY fixes to make sure everything runs smoothly - With very stable core and lag free to make sure your game experience is perfect we are currently new server and we need you to help us grow Sign up with us today at snowstorm-wow we need you help if you encountered any bug please report it immediately at also dont forget vote to earn special rewards you can always check website store or in-game store for more details and feel free to make a ticket and GM will get back to you.