WoW Amnesia

INSTANT 80 - 3.3.5a Professions. Enchants. Trasnmog. Free faction change anytime. NPC reset saves, cds and combat. Arena Spectator. 1v1 arena. Daily quests PvP and PvE. Climbing circuits with daily quests.

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WoW Amnesia - INSTANT 80 - 3.3.5a STARTER GEAR -PVE: -Tier 9. -Weapons, OffParts y Trinkets item level 226 to 245. -PVP: -S6 set (Furious). -S7 offparts (Relentless). -S6 Weapons (Furious). RATES -Reputations: x10 -Honor: x2 CARACTERÍSTICAS -NPC Proffesions. -NPC Enchants. -NPC Transmogrification. -NPC Beastmaster (Hunter Pets). -NPC change faction, race, name or appearance. -NPC reset saves, CD's and combat. -Arena Spectator. -Daily and weekly PvP and PvE quests. -Casino y Surprise Sack. -Climbing circuits with daily quests. -Crossfaction BG's. -Crossfaction Guilds. -PvP Island. -Arena 1v1. -Duel Zone. -Global Chat (comando .chat). -GM events. -Item store, armory and vote system in the web. -Custom illusion shirts -V.I.P -¡And much more that you must discover on your own! Discord: Web: Facebook: Twitter: